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News 12/29/2006

Jennifer Lopez is seeking an arbitration order over her ex-husband Ojani Noa's plans to publish a tell-all book about their relationship, in which he alleges that Lopez had multiple affairs, including one with now-husband Marc Anthony while he was still married to Dayanara Torres.

News 12/19/2006

Publisher Judith Regan allegedly made anti-Semitic remarks about a "Jewish cabal" against her in a heated phone conversation last week that supposedly led to her firing, a News Corp spokesman said. Regan's attorney, Bert Fields is denying the allegations and is planning a lawsuit against HarperCollins for breach of contract, per the New York Times. Meanwhile, Ron Goldman's family filed a federal suit against O.J. Simpson Tuesday, alleging that he fraudulently profited off his book deal with Judith Regan, rather than using the money to pay the family damages stemming from the wrongful death judgment against him.

News 12/16/2006

A press release by News Corp., issued late Friday, announced the firing of HarperCollins publisher Judith Regan, a few weeks after News Corp. honcho Rupert Murdoch pulled the plug on her "If I Did It" TV interview and book project with O.J. Simpson.

News 12/05/2006

Tori Spelling has signed with Simon & Schuster to write her memoirs, due in spring 2008, USA Today reports.

News 12/02/2006

Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Ojani Noa told a judge that he will fight his former wife's efforts to stop him from publishing a tell-all book about their relationship.

News 11/22/2006

Madonna will hit the Home Shopping Network Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to push her latest children's book, The English Roses: Too Good to Be True. The Material Mom will donate all proceeds to her Raising Malawi foundation.

News 11/15/2006

The Supreme Court handed Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown a victory Monday, by refusing to consider a copyright infringement case brought by author Lewis Perdue, who alleges Brown copied the premise of his book, Daughter of God.

News 11/06/2006

Oprah Winfrey single-handedly propelled the diet books of doctors Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz to the top three spots on Amazon's bestseller list, after inviting the weight-loss specialists to appear on her show last week.

News 10/27/2006

Jennifer Lopez agreed to enter arbitration to settle her pending lawsuit against wannabe tell-all author Ojani Noa. J.Lo sued her first ex-husband in April to prevent him from peddling a book about her and their marriage after he allegedly offered to drop the project if she tossed him a $5 million advance instead.

News 10/24/2006

Queen guitarist Brian May is co-authoring a book on the history of the universe, appropriately titled Bang! The Complete History of the Universe. The rocker, once a doctoral candidate in astronomy, abandoned his studies in the '70s to play music.

News 10/17/2006

Lawyers representing Jennifer Lopez and ex-husband Ojani Noa fined $250 each Tuesday for not filing the proper paperwork in time for today's hearing on whether to suspend Lopez's lawsuit against Noa while the two enter arbitration. A judge postponed the proceedings until Nov. 9. J.Lo sued her ex in April to prevent him from publishing a tell-all book about their marriage.

News 09/27/2006

Fantasia Barrino's father, Joseph Barrino, has filed a $10 million libel suit against Simon & Schuster, the publishers of his daughter's 2005 autobiography, Fantasia: Life Is Not a Fairytale, claiming it contains damaging untruths about him and hurt his reputation. He didn't name the "American Idol" winner in the suit, but did include her grandmother and the tome's ghostwriter.

News 09/19/2006

An unfinished tale by J. R. R. Tolkien has been edited into a completed work by his son, Christopher Tolkien, and will be released next spring, publishers announced Monday. The elder Tolkien began The Children of Hurin in 1918, but later abandoned it; his son has spent the last 30 years working on the manuscript.

Hannibal Rising, Thomas Harris' new novel about Hollywood's favorite cannibal, is due for release in December.

News 09/15/2006

In a post on her official Website, J.K. Rowling stated she won an argument with airport officials in New York over taking the manuscript of the final Harry Potter book on board a plane as carry-on luggage. The author was permitted to take the manuscript with her.

News 08/28/2006

Colin Farrell has obtained a restraining order against Dessarae Bradford, the author of the self-published book Colin Farrell: A Dark Twisted Puppy, whom he has accused of stalking him. Bradford, who has also accused Farrell of stalking her, was ordered to stay at least 150 yards away from the actor, his two-year-old son, and his son's mother.

News 08/23/2006

Robert K. Hoffman, one of three founders of National Lampoon magazine, died Sunday of complications of leukemia. He was 59. Hoffman served as managing editor of the humorous publication, which spun off movies including Animal House and Vacation.

News 08/08/2006

Hugh Hefner has denied reports that he suffered a mini-stroke over the weekend, telling the Associated Press he's "never felt better" and that he just went to bed early after a party he hosted Saturday because his girlfriend, Holly, had a cold.

News 08/07/2006

Clay Aiken is being sued by Jeannie Holleman, the author of the "unauthorized tribute" Out of the Blue--'Clay' it Forward, who claims the singer and his mother hurt sales of her book by denying that they knew her, calling her recollections false and demeaning the book on fan Websites.

News 08/04/2006

Taylor Hicks has inked a $750,000 deal with Random House's Crown imprint to write his memoirs, to be called Heart Full of Soul, the New York Post reports.

News 07/26/2006

Rosario Dawson appeared at Comic-Con Thursday to discuss her involvement with creating the new comic book series The Occult Crimes Taskforce.

News 07/18/2006

Mickey Spillane, who created the sex-and-violence detective genre with his Mike Hammer mystery novels, died Monday in Charleston, SC at age 88 of cancer. Several of Spillane's novels were turned into movies and later formed the basis of the hit TV series "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer."

News 07/09/2006

Robert Downey Jr. is penning his memoirs, detailing the various highs and lows of his career.

News 07/01/2006

Jennifer Lopez's first ex-husband, Ojani Noa, has agreed to an injunction blocking him from discussing the details of his sex life with Lopez in his upcoming tell-all book about his marriage.

News 06/28/2006

Jennifer Lopez is seeking an injunction against a tell-all book being penned by her first ex-husband Ojani Noa that promises to detail the couple's first sexual experience, according to court documents filed by Lopez's attorney.

News 06/27/2006

Author J.K. Rowling said two characters will die in the last installment of her boy wizard series, and she hinted Harry Potter might not survive either. "I have never been tempted to kill him off before the final because I've always planned seven books, and I want to finish on seven books," Rowling said Monday on "The Richard and Judy Show."

News 05/24/2006

Meryl Streep will narrate two children's classics, The Velveteen Rabbit and The Night Before Christmas, to be released as audiobooks by Starbucks later this year.

News 05/22/2006

Oprah Winfrey has signed on to pen a book about weight control, Simon & Schuster announced over the weekend at the Book Expo publishing convention in Washington, D.C. The talk-show host is reportedly receiving upward of the $12 million former President Bill Clinton earned for his memoir, My Life.

News 05/08/2006

ABC has released "Lost" tie-in book called Bad Twin, a novel purportedly penned by Oceanic Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup. The book, released Tuesday, had already reached number 21 on Amazon.com Friday, thanks to fans hoping to uncover clues to the island mystery.

News 04/24/2006

Dan Brown has expressed his belief that it is not his responsibility to address controversies stirred up by his bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code. "Let the biblical scholars and historians battle it out," he told an audience at a sold-out writers talk Sunday.

News 04/12/2006

While the New York Post grapples with a scandal over Page Six, the New York Times has quietly axed its own gossip machine, Boldface Names, that ran in the metro section, according to Variety.

An estimated 300 extremist Indonesian Muslims trashed a building in Jakarta that housed the office of Playboy magazine on Wednesday to protest its publication in the world's most populous Muslim nation. Playboy's Indonesian edition is a toned down version and does not feature nudity.

News 04/09/2006

A U.K. judge ruled Friday that Dan Brown didn't steal ideas for the Da Vinci Code from two British authors, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, and their nonfiction book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

News 04/06/2006

More than 500,000 copies of The Da Vinci Code sold in the novel's first week of paperback release, leading the publishers to up an initial printing of 5 million to 6 million.

News 03/21/2006

Stephen Colbert has inked a deal with Warner Books to write his own comedy tome riffing on the current state of affairs in the vein of the "Daily Show's" bestseller America.

News 03/17/2006

A lawyer for Random House, the publisher of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, have wrapped up the defense's closing arguments by telling London's High Court that the lawsuit brought by a writer accusing Brown of copyright infringement was "in tatters."

News 03/14/2006

Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown stated Monday that he is "astounded" by the claims of two historians who allege that he copied their work when writing his best-selling novel and calling their allegations "simply untrue."

News 03/01/2006

Cartoon strip The Boondocks is going on hiatus, after creator Aaron McGruder announced Tuesday that he was taking a six-month vacation. "Every well needs occasional refreshing," McGruder wrote in a letter to his editors.

News 02/27/2006

A Random House lawyer claimed in court that two authors suing the publisher of The Da Vinci Code for copyright violations are making "wild allegations." The authors claim that parts of their book, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, were the basis for Dan Brown's hit novel.

News 02/25/2006

Disgraced author James Frey has been dropped by his publisher, Riverhead Books, due to the controversy surrounding his now discredited memoir, A Million Little Pieces.

News 02/15/2006

Anita Thompson, widow of Hunter S. Thompson, who committed suicide last February, released a rarely seen photo of her husband on Monday, the anniversary of his death. The photo will be available for download via gonzostore.com.

News 02/13/2006

Jaws author Peter Benchley died Saturday in Princeton, New Jersey, at age 65. The novelist suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive and a fatal scarring of the lungs. Steven Spielberg has stated that Benchley "found the perfect formula for combining human nature and nature itself...and Jaws was born. I owe so much to Peter because the success of Jaws gave me artistic freedom in all of my films thereafter."

News 02/01/2006

Disgraced A Million Little Pieces author James Frey is in need of a new literary manager after being dropped by Brillstein-Grey Entertainment manager Kassie Evashevski due to the controversy over fabricated memoir.

News 01/27/2006

Oprah Winfrey revoked her support of embattled memoirist James Frey during a live broadcast of her show Thursday and asking him why he "felt the need to lie" in his book, A Million Little Pieces. Winfrey also apologized for calling into "Larry King Live" to back Frey up while he was a guest on the show.

News 01/25/2006

Kate Moss is teaming with Virgin mogul Richard Branson to pen her autobiography.

News 01/24/2006

Donald Trump has filed a $5 billion lawsuit against Warner Books and author Timothy O'Brien for allegedly including defamatory statements in the latter's book, TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald.

News 01/16/2006

Future hardcover and paperback editions of James Frey's A Million Little Pieces will contain a brief author's note referring to the contents of the book, publisher Doubleday announced Thursday.

News 01/12/2006

Oprah Winfrey is defending A Million Little Pieces author James Frey against allegations that he fabricated parts of his bestselling memoir and calling the controversy "much ado about nothing."

News 01/10/2006

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling revealed to Tatler magazine in a rare interview Tuesday that her writing deals with the theme of death and she decided to kill off the boy wizard's parents after losing her own mother to multiple sclerosis in 1991.

TheSmokingGun.com is claiming that author and Oprah Winfrey book club pick James Frey fabricated or embellished details of his criminal past in his best-selling memoir, A Million Little Pieces. Frey has denied the charges.

All news gathered from E! Online and other sources

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