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Big Game, Small World: A Basketball Adventure
 by Alexander Wolff-Review

By Scott Hastings 04/30/2002

Shawn McKenzie here...

I finally have a book review!  I will be totally honest...I am a movie geek, a TV geek, and a music geek...but that's about it.  Those are my interests in the world of entertainment, but I did start this site to bring you material in every area of entertainment and not just what I like.  Since I have been the only one working on this site, it makes sense that it would only have my interests, but now that Scott has taken an interest, maybe I will get more contributors.  Please feel free to email me with your review of something in the world of entertainment that interests you.  It can be movies, TV, music, books, video games, Internet surfing, comic books, etc.  Please end your review with a 1 to 5 rating.  Now, on with Scotty's review of this basketball book.  Who better to review a basketball book than a former Denver Nugget!

[A] nice read from Alexander Wolff, Sports Illustrated's college basketball expert.

Mr. Wolff takes you from the humble beginnings of basketball in a small town in Canada to the war torn country side of Bosnia, exploring the influence of basketball all over the world.

Interesting stories for those non-basketball fans as well as those hardcore fans who go to sleep each and every night in their little Michael Jordan p.j.'s.

[A] fun ride that's worth taking.

(Review taken from the Entertain Your Brain Message Board and edited by me.)

Once again, a man of few words!  Scotty didn't give a rating, so I will assume it's:

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