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2006 February Sweeps February 10 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

7 PM:

“Dancing With the Stars 2” (ABC; ends at 8 PM)-Results show.  Righteous Brother Bill Medley will perform his Oscar-winning hit “(I've Had) The Time of Life” from the movie Dirty Dancing.  Medley will be joined by his daughter, McKenna Medley, as professional dancers Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani will recreate Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's memorable routine.  In addition, backed by a choir, New Zealand born Natasha Bedingfield will dazzle us with a performance of her latest single, “Unwritten,” which recently cracked the top 10 on Billboard Hot 100 music chart.  I bet that Team George Hamilton will go tonight.  George...we hardly knew ya!

“Winter Olympics” (NBC; ends at 11 PM)-Opening Ceremony.

“Arrested Development” (FOX; ends at 7:30 PM)-George Sr. hires a new attorney who asks the Bluths to participate in a mock trial to help prepare them for the real thing.  The attorney gets actor Judge Reinhold, to preside over the mock case.  Meanwhile, Buster fakes a coma to get out of testifying and George Michael and Maeby participate in a mock wedding to entertain hospital patients.  Back at the office, Michael discovers he may have a long-lost sister named Nellie Bluth (guest star Justine Bateman.)  In an effort to get to the bottom of things, Michael tracks Nellie down and hires her as a consultant for The Bluth Co.  Unfortunately, Michael discovers Nellie’s hands-on approach is more than he bargained for.  Meanwhile, Gob goes to Iraq to perform his Christian magic act on the USO tour and ends up incarcerated.  Michael learns George Sr. sent Gob to Iraq to burn down the model home he built there, so Michael and Buster fly to Iraq to spring Gob from prison.  The Bluth brothers head to the model home, where they make a discovery that could end the family’s legal troubles forever.  Back in Orange County, Lucille decides to throw a yacht party to celebrate.  The Bluths gather aboard the Queen Mary for a trip that ends up being far from smooth sailing.  Judge Reinhold, Jamie Kennedy, and “American Idol” reject William Hung also guest star.  Since this finale is being scheduled on Friday and it is going up against the Winter Olympics, we might as well kiss this extremely funny show goodbye for good.  I really hope that another network picks the show up!

“WWE Friday Night SmackDown!” (UPN; ends at 9 PM)

Swimfan (WB; ends at 9 PM)-2002 thriller starring Jesse Bradford and Erika Christensen.

7:30 PM:

“Arrested Development” (FOX; ends at 8 PM)-See above for the episode description.

8 PM:

“In Justice” (ABC; ends at 9 PM)-Conti and Swain think a government informant may be a member of a far-right militia group that was involved in a bank-heist murder for which their client was wrongfully convicted.

“Arrested Development” (FOX; ends at 8:30 PM)-See above for the episode description.

“The Soup” (E!; ends at 8:30 PM)-Joel McHale makes fun of celebrity news and events.

“Battlestar Galactica” (Sci-Fi Channel; ends at 9 PM)-Word gets out that Sharon is being kept alive secretly aboard Galactica and Sesha Abinell (guest star Dana Delany) takes hostages in an effort to prevent the Cylon from providing enemy intelligence to Galactica.

8:30 PM:

“Arrested Development” (FOX; ends at 9 PM)-Season, and possibly series, finale.  See above for the episode description.

9:30 PM:

“Web Junk 20” (VH1; ends at 10 PM)-A Child of Destiny stumbles, an amateur pole dancer tumbles, and, for a group of British Army LSD test subjects, troop discipline crumbles. Plus yet more pratfalls, including one that gives the phrase “face plant” a whole new ninja meaning.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 7 PM, watch “Dancing With the Stars 2;” record the back-to-back new “Arrested Development” episodes on TiVo.  At 8 PM, watch “In Justice;” record the second hour of back-to-back new “Arrested Development” episodes on TiVo.  At 9:30 PM, watch “Web Junk 20.”  At 11 PM, watch “Battlestar Galactica” when it repeats on the Sci-Fi Channel.  At 1 AM, watch or TiVo “The Soup” when it repeats at this time on E!

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