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2006 February Sweeps February 2 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

7 PM:

“Dancing with the Stars 2” (ABC; ends at 8:30 PM)-The six remaining couples dance a samba and a group salsa.  I'm so glad that Master P finally got booted!  I'm rooting for George Hamilton, but I doubt that he will win.

“Survivor: Panama” (CBS; ends at 8 PM)-Season premiere.  The 12th season begins with 16 castaways arriving in Panama and dividing into four tribes (older men, older women, younger men, younger women.)  The four teams compete in a reward challenge and the losing tribe is forced to banish one of its members to “Exile Island” to live alone until the next challenge.  The good news is that there is a hidden immunity idol on the separate island. At tribal council, the first person is voted out.  Jeff Probst is still the host.

“Will & Grace” (NBC; ends at 7:30 PM)-Will, Karen, and a star struck Grace travel to Los Angeles to support Jack as he accepts a HAPI award for Best Local Cable Gay Talk Show Host.  Coincidently, Will runs into James (returning guest star Taye Diggs) while in LA, but to his surprise James is Canadian and in jeopardy of being deported.  After spending a perfect weekend together, Will and James find that they don't have to say good-bye to each other again when Grace makes a special proposal.

“That ‘70s Show” (FOX; ends at 8 PM)-Jackie’s new job at the station keeps her on edge as she assists psycho boss Christine St. George (guest star Mary Tyler Moore.)  Frustrated with Christine’s attitude, Jackie tries to win her over with some of Kitty’s homemade brownies.  Luckily, Jackie’s plan works and Christine lightens up, but when Jackie claims the recipe as her own on live television, Kitty is the one who freaks out.  Meanwhile, Leo has a crush on Donna.

“Everybody Hates Chris” (UPN; ends at 7:30 PM)-With Rochelle's help, Chris tries to find an outfit for his school picture so perfect that the other kids will finally think he's cool.  Meanwhile, after Tonya refuses to apologize for breaking a toy, Drew retaliates by swiping one of her school shoes.  Later, Rochelle attempts to sell cosmetics to her neighbors.

“Smallville” (WB; ends at 8 PM)-Clark discovers the new reporter at the Daily Planet...a bespectacled, bumbling woman named Maya (guest star Denise Quinones, former “Miss Universe”)...is actually a masked avenger who fights crime at night.  Meanwhile, Clark's bottled-up grief threatens to get the best of him.  Poor Clark!  I was thinking that either Lana or Jonathan would be the one who would be the one to get killed on the 100th episode.  Jonathan makes more sense, because he died in the 1978 movie too.

7:30 PM:

“Four Kings” (NBC; ends at 8 PM)-Ben is excited to be working on the campaign of the local Democratic candidate and asks Bobby to accompany him to a campaign function.  When Barry spots Jason at a restaurant dining out with another man, the guys jump to the conclusion that Jason is gay.  They confront him and Jason adamantly denies it, but admits he is hiding something from them...that he's a Republican.  Ben is outraged to discover that Jason is working on the campaign of the opposing candidate and questions how they can be such good friends with such drastically differing beliefs.

“Love, Inc.” (UPN; ends at 8 PM)

8 PM:

“C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation” (CBS; ends at 9 PM)-In a “C.S.I.” first, a crime will be shown from the killer's perspective.  The C.S.I.'s investigate two deaths, both linked to the same suspect.  As the evidence starts to overlap, the C.S.I. team begins to move in on the murderer.

“My Name is Earl” (NBC; ends at 8:30 PM)-Earl takes his car troubles as a sign that it is time for him to redeem himself for a long run of stealing gas out of a complete stranger's car.  A few months back, Earl and Randy siphoned gasoline for about a month from an unlocked car in the trailer park.  When Earl goes back to the trailer park to return the gasoline, he discovers that the owner Philo (guest star Adam Goldberg) is an annoying and suicidal man who is more determined than ever to succeed with his suicide attempts.  Unable to just walk away, Earl makes it his duty to give Philo a reason to live and it seems that setting him up on a date with Joy is the only way of doing this.  Earl and Randy however, find that something else they provide is what will ultimately save Philo.

“The O.C.” (FOX; ends at 9 PM)-Summer discovers the truth about Cohen, while Sandy and Matt encounter an obstacle with their hospital project.  Meanwhile, Kirsten and Julie take their matchmaking business a little too far, causing Julie to go into hiding.  Marissa finally tells Johnny how she truly feels and Kaitlin wonders which “Cooper” Johnny really likes.  When Johnny and Kaitlin head to the beach, Kaitlin finds Johnny at the edge of reason.

“Eve” (UPN; ends at 8:30 PM)

“Beauty and the Geek 2” (WB; ends at 9 PM)-In the fourth episode, the beauties give the geeks a makeover before sending them out of the house to speed date.  While the guys are working their magic, the girls are watching and critiquing their skills from the house.  In the elimination room, two teams face questioning and one is sent packing.  I liked Thais and Tyson from last week.  That Rubik's Cube-playing geek was cool.  Chris is only winning because he knows pop culture.  I could do well on this show, because I know tons about pop culture.  I'm actually glad that Chris is still on.  I don't want him to win, but I want him to go far, because his arrogance is entertaining.

8:30 PM:

“Crumbs” (ABC; ends at 9 PM)-When Billy is mistakenly busted by a vice cop and loses his massage license, he returns to run the family restaurant, where Jody and Mitch start to compete for his approval on running the place.  Meanwhile Suzanne, worried that she's losing Mitch and Jody to Billy, turns to shoplifting.

“The Office” (NBC; ends at 9 PM)-When Jan visits the office to conduct a “women in the workplace” seminar with the female Dunder Mifflin employees, Michael  takes the guys down to the warehouse for some “male bonding.”

“Cuts” (UPN; ends at 9 PM)-Tiffany's old nemesis (guest star Vincent Van Patten) swindles Kevin in a high-stakes poker game, causing him to lose the salon.

“The Shop” (MTV; ends at 9 PM)-Series premiere.  Reality show set in Mr. Rooney's Barbershop in Queens, featuring conversations between barbers and patrons, including some celebrities.

9 PM:

“Primetime Thursday” (ABC; ends at 10 PM)

“Without a Trace” (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-Jack goes to Tokyo to find a dishonorably discharged U.S. Marine who went missing four months after moving back to the U.S. after he served a five year prison term in Japan for raping a young woman.  When Andy Reynolds (guest star Scott Holroyd), the Marine, vanishes after the police put him in a rape lineup at the station, his mother contends that the police have been harassing Andy by repeatedly dragging him in as a likely rape suspect, causing the team to consider that Andy may have chosen to run away.  They soon learn that Andy took a secret trip to Japan the week before, during which he made a tape of his alleged victim, Kimiko (guest star Keiko Agena, “The Gilmore Girls”), recanting her charge against him.  As a result, Jack flies to Tokyo to talk to Kimiko about her recent encounter with Andy and whether she can provide any clues as to what may have happened to him.

“E.R.” (NBC; ends at 10 PM)-When a wandering ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) patient arrives at the E.R., many of the doctors are shocked when they recognize the former medical school professor (guest star James Woods.)  Abby and Kovac try to understand Dr. Lennox's wishes for his life after the professor is struck with pneumonia as well as the nerve degenerating disease.  As his condition deteriorates, Abby struggles with the possibility of losing her beloved professor.  After a controversial decision to perform a trake procedure to help Dr. Lennox breathe, Abby and Fran (guest star Ally Walker) wonder if they made the right choice.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 7 PM, watch “Will & Grace”/“Four Kings;” record “Survivor: Panama” on TiVo, “That ‘70s Show” on VCR 1, “Smallville” on VCR 2, “Dancing with the Stars 2” on VCR 3, and “Everybody Hates Chris” on VCR 4.  At 8 PM, watch “My Name is Earl”/“The Office;” record “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation” on TiVo, “The O.C.” on VCR 1, “Beauty and the Geek 2” on VCR 2, the conclusion of “Dancing with the Stars 2”/“Crumbs” on VCR 3, and “Cuts” on VCR 4 (at 8:30 PM.)  At 9 PM, watch “E.R.;” record “Without a Trace” on TiVo.   Watch “The Shop” when it repeats several times on MTV throughout the week.

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