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2006 February Sweeps February 28 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

7 PM:

“NCIS” (CBS; ends at 8 PM)

“Deal or No Deal” (NBC; ends at 8 PM)-Part 2 of 5.  Cheryl Jackson from Plano, Texas and Mark Adrian from Burlington, New Jersey compete.  The wife of that cop dude from last night was going to kill him if he didn't take the deal.  The assistance of The Donald was cheesy, but at least he gave the guy some good advice.

“American Idol 5” (FOX; ends at 8:30 PM)-90-minute episode.  Having survived last week’s competition, the Top 10 girls perform again for America.  After the show, the viewers will vote for their favorites.  I'm surprised that Becky lost.  I think that there were too many guys looking at her Maxim spread online and not enough of them voting!

“The Gilmore Girls” (WB; ends at 8 PM)-Proud parents Lorelai and Christopher attend a journalism panel at Yale where Rory dazzles the crowd.  Afterwards, Lorelai offers to help Christopher out by babysitting his 4-year-old daughter and is horrified by the toddler's terrible behavior.  The next day, Rory and Logan attend the wedding of Logan's sister, Honor (guest star Devon Sorvari.)  While helping the bride and her three bridesmaids get ready, Rory is devastated to learn how Logan spent his time during their recent breakup.  Logan tries to defend his actions, but a devastated Rory turns to Lorelai and Paris for comfort.  Finally, Lane is still heartbroken over Zach, until he turns up at the diner with a surprise.  I still don't like Logan, but his father is no peach either.  The Huntzbergers and the Gilmores should not mix!  I think that it's not fair of Lorelai to pressure Luke about the wedding date.  He has to deal with the whole April thing, just like Lorelai had to deal with the whole Rory and her separation thing.  Have patience girl!  Luke's mad about you, and if you mess this relationship up...I'm gonna break up with you (but I'll probably make up with you the next week.)

7:30 PM:

“Rodney” (ABC; ends at 8 PM)

8 PM:

“According to Jim” (ABC; ends at 8:30 PM)

“The Amazing Race 9” (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-Two-hour season premiere.  The three-time Emmy Award-winning reality adventure series returns to its international format where teams of two will travel to exotic locations, spanning five continents, with stops in the Middle East, Moscow and Sicily, to name a few.  The 11 teams, including a Pizza Hut manager, a dentist, a science teacher, a children's minister, a retired physician (from Silverthorne, CO, and married 40 years to his retired accountant wife), and a valet, will compete against one another in a race around the world for a $1 million prize.  The race begins in Denver, Colorado when teams quickly jet off to their first location, Sao Paulo, Brazil where, upon landing, they must venture deep into the heart of the city to find their next clue at the Hotel Unique.  Almost immediately, teams make their way by foot to Viaduto Santa Ifigenia, a pedestrian footbridge overlooking the highway and the Vale do Anhangabuau.  One team struggles to locate the clue box, while other teams seem to find it with ease.  At the bridge, teams are faced with their first detour and must choose between finding a local motorcycle shop, where they will have to assemble a motorcycle from scratch, or soar high above the city of San Paolo in a helicopter in order to locate a specific building where they will find their next clue.

“Scrubs” (NBC; ends at 8:30 PM)-J.D. is still dealing with his recent break-up and trying not to kill intern Keith, who has become annoyingly perfect.  To make matters worse, a favorite patient is in a serious coma and each of the staff finds their own way to deal with it.  Dr. Cox and the Janitor bond over drinks at the bar and Carla makes it her mission to make the hospital's gym female friendly.  Meanwhile, Turk suggests that J.D. and Elliot find themselves “booty calls.”

“Supernatural” (WB; ends at 9 PM)-While investigating a mysterious death in Chicago, Sam and Dean run into Meg (guest star Nicki Aycox), who is thrilled to see Sam again.  The brothers soon discover Meg is behind the murders and attempt to catch her.  Unfortunately, Meg is one step ahead of them and unleashes shadow spirits on the brothers to ambush them.  Sam and Dean realize the trap isn't for them, but for their father (guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.)

“The Real World: Key West” (MTV; ends at 9 PM)-One-hour season premiere.  The show heads to Key West, Fla., for the 17th season.  In the opener, the cast of three women and four men moves in, but Hurricane Katrina arrives before them.  Also: Paula has a panic attack, and Svetlana flirts with her new male roommates.

8:30 PM:

“Scrubs” (NBC; ends at 9 PM)-Second new episode.  Dr. Kelso is outraged when he discovers that a bird has been living in Sacred Heart.  Citing the spread of infection to be the number one cause of deaths in hospitals, Kelso orders the Janitor to dispose of it immediately.  However, the Janitor likes the bird so much he secretly keeps it as a pet.  J.D., annoyed that Elliot is hooking up with Keith, tries to get his intern fired.

“The War at Home” (FOX; ends at 9 PM)

9 PM:

“Boston Legal” (ABC; ends at 10 PM)-Within three hours of getting married, Denny Crane is caught with another woman and Bev Bridge (recurring guest star Joanna Cassidy) demands an annulment plus 50% of her brand new husband's worth.  While the attorneys from Crane, Poole & Schmidt frantically rally around their colleague to rescue him, Bev hires the slick, handsome divorce lawyer Eli Granger (guest star Corbin Bernsen) to represent her.  Meanwhile, Alan Shore defends Joan Zeder (guest star Nicole Sullivan), who was fired from her job after being unable to adhere to the company's strict no-smoking policy.  Hey...didn't Bev give Denny the permission to have sex with anyone else?  How cool is it that Arnie Becker is back on another divorce case?

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (NBC; ends at 10 PM)-Three teens...Jason King (guest star Harry Zittel), Doug Waverly (guest star Teddy Eck), and Nick Pratt (guest star Paul David Story)...are suspected of foul play when high school student Jennifer Durning (guest star Barbara King) disappears after a night of partying.  Nick and Doug's wealthy parents and their attorneys argue the plan was for Jason to lose his virginity to Jennifer before the other two had consensual sex with her...but Jason got greedy.  Jason agrees to testify, but when he disappears, Judge Donnelly has no choice but to dismiss the case.  A.D.A. Casey Novak becomes suspicious because without Jason's testimony there's no case against the other boys.  Attorneys Dave Seaver (guest star Michael Boatman), Oliver Gates (guest star Barry Bostwick), and Monica Bradshaw (guest star Susan Saint James) represent the teens.

11 PM:

“The Shield” (FX; ends at 12:07 AM)-Vic enlists Emolia...with Kavanaugh's grudging assent...to infiltrate a Salvadoran gang that has grenades in its arsenal.  Meanwhile, Kavanaugh tries to enlist the imprisoned Antwon Mitchell (last season's recurring guest star Anthony Anderson) to rat out Vic.  Dutch offers information about Vic to Kavanaugh, who also has a criminal matter involving his ex-wife (guest star Gina Torres) to worry about.  Dutch is involved with that, too.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 7 PM, watch “Deal or No Deal;” record “American Idol 5” on TiVo and “The Gilmore Girls” on VCR 1.  At 8 PM, watch the back-to-back episodes of “Scrubs;” record the rest of “American Idol 5” on TiVo, “Supernatural” on VCR 1, and “The Amazing Race 9” on VCR 2.  At 9 PM, watch “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit;” record “Boston Legal” on TiVo and the rest of “The Amazing Race 9” on VCR 2.  At 11 PM, watch “The Shield” when it repeats at this time on FX.  Watch “The Real World: Key West” when it repeats throughout the week on MTV.

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