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2007 February Sweeps February 14 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

7 PM:

George Lopez (ABC; ends at 7:30 PM)-When Benny's embittered mother (guest starring Rita Moreno), defense attorney (guest starring Adam West), and judge (guest starring Marilyn Milian) all turn against her, Benny depends on George's testimony to earn her freedom from jail.

Return to Jericho (CBS; ends at 8 PM)-Recap special.  From the powerful premiere episode that saw the town of Jericho living with the fallout of a nuclear attack, to the discovery that someone from outside of Jericho was coming to visit Hawkins, to the unexpected return of Ashley's fiancé, Roger, catch up on everything that took place during the exciting first 11 episodes of "Jericho."  The series returns with all new original episodes starting Wednesday, Feb. 21.

Friday Night Lights (NBC; ends at 8 PM)-Racial tensions are at an all time high as the black players on the Dillon Panthers won't play unless Mac McGill is fired for his comments.  With Smash spearheading the protest, the team is in for an upset for their next playoff game.  While Coach Taylor deliberates between firing one of his best coaches and succumbing to his players' demands, Julie's friendship with Tyra becomes more and more destructive.  Meanwhile, Jason makes a life-changing decision and Matt does whatever he can to win Julie back.  With some of their best players protesting, will Dillon be able to come out with a victory come Friday?

Bones (FOX; ends at 8 PM)-Brennan, Booth, and the Jeffersonian team are called in by the Bancroft family, major donors to the Jeffersonian, to investigate the death of Terence Bancroft, who was found dead at home, bound to his desk chair and maliciously stabbed.  The team proves the body had been there for almost a month.  Booth questions Terence’s wife, Clarissa (guest star Meredith Monroe), while the team brings the body and all the evidence back to the Jeffersonian for further tests.  Hodgins removes an old photo of himself with the victim from official evidence so the others won’t see it, knowing the photo links him to the case.  When the case goes to trial and Hodgins’ involvement is revealed, the Jeffersonian’s reputation is jeopardized, prompting Brennan to make an important decision about her team.  Psychiatrist Dr. Gordon Wyatt (guest star Stephen Fry) has cleared Booth to carry a gun and go back to work, but it’s contingent on Booth continuing to meet with Wyatt on a few underlying issues...issues that may be creeping into Booth’s judgment and affecting his investigative work.  Meanwhile, Agent Sullivan invites Brennan to one of his basketball games and the heat is turned up on their relationship.

Beauty and the Geek 3 (CW; ends at 8 PM)-Season finale.  Visitors arrive and throw a surprising twist into the contest between the final two teams; and a teammate makes a sacrifice that alters the course of the competition.

7:30 PM:

The Knights of Prosperity (ABC; ends at 8 PM)-Just as the Knights are ready to rob Mick Jagger's apartment, they notice that Esperanza is missing from their pre-heist meeting.  Worried, Eugene and the gang head over to the diner to find Esperanza being held captive by her ex-boyfriend, Enrico Cortez (guest star Bobby Cannavale), a dangerous Colombian gangster.  Now it's up to the Knights to rescue Esperanza, but their bravado might put a kink in their long-running plan to rob Jagger.

8 PM:

Criminal Minds (CBS; ends at 9 PM)-The BAU team travels to an upscale New York neighborhood to hunt a serial killer they fear is racially motivated.  With community leaders in an affluent, predominately white New York suburb fearing the worst, Gideon and the rest of the BAU team arrive to investigate the murders of young African American teenagers who are found beaten and strangled.  With little to go on and evidence that continually leads to dead ends, the team must work quickly to determine if the crimes are the result of a racially-charged serial killer before the potential fall-out from the crimes leads to even bigger problems.

Deal or No Deal (NBC; ends at 9 PM)

American Idol 6 (FOX; ends at 9 PM)-Contestants chosen from around the nation have endured the grueling schedule and high-pressure auditions of the Hollywood Round, hoping to impress the judges and secure one of the 24 semifinalist spots.  Tonight the judges make their final cuts to determine the Top 24.  The Top 12 males and Top 12 females will be revealed.  Next week...we finally get to the live episodes!

One Tree Hill (CW; ends at 9 PM)-Haley confronts Brooke regarding the stolen calculus test.  Lucas and Peyton consider taking their relationship to the next level as Peyton and Brooke grow closer.  In Deb's absence, Nathan throws a senior party at the Scott House, where a sex tape from Nathan's past surfaces.

Top Design (Bravo; ends at 9 PM)-The interior designers head to the beach for some supposed fun in the sun...but there are nasty ripple effects when they go deep into a challenge involving the sun and sand.

The Real World: Denver (MTV; ends at 8:30 PM)-Stephen reevaluates his antigay stance in light of his growing friendship with Davis.  Also: Davis' boyfriend and Stephen's girlfriend both visit.

TV Land Myths & Legends (TV Land; ends at 8:30 PM)-Season finale.  Included: Groucho Marx's risqué remark on "You Bet Your Life"; the symbolism of "Gilligan's Island" as hell; the robbing of Charlie Chaplin's grave.

9 PM:

Lost (ABC; ends at 9 PM)-A suspicious Hurley enlists Charlie to help him drag the truth out of Desmond, who has been acting strangely ever since the hatch implosion.

C.S.I.: NY (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-When a music industry mogul is murdered in his high-end penthouse apartment, Mac, Stella, and the team must rely on the crime's only witness, the victim's sister, to solve their case.  Justin Hartley ("Smallville") guest stars as Elliot Bevins, a male model who helps Danny with testimony for his investigation.  While investigating the murder of a music industry executive, Mac is puzzled by the account of the victim's sister, who passes a lie detector test and swears that she and her sibling were attacked by a woman who broke into their home.  However, the sister had a motive to kill her own brother, given his lucrative life insurance policy.  Meanwhile, Danny and Det. Angell (guest star Emmanuelle Vaugier) investigate the death of a beautiful woman found dead in a stranger's bathtub.  Also, Stella has a medical scare while investigating a crime scene.  Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black) guest stars in a recurring role as the C.S.I. team's medical examiner, Dr. Peyton Driscoll, who is also in a relationship with Det. Mac Taylor.

Medium (NBC; ends at 10 PM)-After awaking from a dream, Allison is convinced she’s a completely different person named Sandra.  When she doesn’t snap out of it, Joe turns to Scanlon for help, while struggling to reach his wife.  Meanwhile, Bridgette has a lot to look forward to on Valentine’s Day.

11:30 PM:

The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show (Comedy Central; ends at 12 AM)-Trucker plans to honor America, and T-Bones disrupts a small-town parade.  Later, Trucker is troubled by T-Bones' hobo tales.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 7 PM, watch “George Lopez”/“The Knights of Prosperity;” record “Return to Jericho” on TiVo, “Friday Night Lights” on VCR 1, “Bones” on VCR 2, and “Beauty and the Geek 3” on VCR 3.  At 8 PM, watch “Top Design;” record “Criminal Minds” on TiVo, “American Idol 6” on VCR 2, and “One Tree Hill” on VCR 3.  At 9 PM, watch “Lost;” record “C.S.I.: NY” on TiVo, and “Medium” on VCR 1.  At 11:30 PM, watch “The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show.”  Watch “TV Land Myths & Legends” when it repeats Thursday at 11:30 AM on TV Land.  Watch “The Real World: Denver” when it repeats throughout the week on MTV.

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