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2007 February Sweeps February 19 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

5 PM:

Lincoln Heights (ABC Family; ends at 6 PM)-An investigation of a young boy's connection to gang violence conjures up memories of Eddie's childhood and the family that raised him after his mother was killed.

6 PM:

Wildfire (ABC Family; ends at 7 PM)-With Raintree in dire financial straits, Jean and Matt's willingness to consider a buyer's offer draws criticism from Pablo and Kris. Meanwhile, Junior and Gillian find common ground in their family histories.

7 PM:

Wife Swap (ABC; ends at 8 PM)-A mom from a farm family that eats raw meat and barely interacts with society swaps with a sophisticated mother who runs her own business and believes in exposing her children to culture.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS; ends at 7:30 PM)-After taking heat from Robin for holding on to all of his stuff from ex-girlfriends, Ted gives in and parts ways with all of the items...only to discover something that puts Robin in the dog house.  After Ted puts up a fight, he finally concedes and gets rid of the stuff.  When he learns that Robin is also holding on to some things from her ex-boyfriends, she must decide what to do.  Meanwhile, after Barney is forced to attend Lily's play, he puts on one of his own and forces Lily and the gang to attend.

Deal or No Deal (NBC; ends at 8 PM)

Prison Break (FOX; ends at 8 PM)-Michael and Sara realize that Warden Pope (returning guest star Stacy Keach) is the key to recovering information that will bring down “The Company;” Mahone corners another escapee; C-Note fears for his daughter’s life; Sucre learns the dangers of hitchhiking en route to reuniting with Maricruz; and T-Bag walks down memory lane when he takes the Hollander family to his childhood home.

Everybody Hates Chris (CW; ends at 7:30 PM)-With their teacher Ms. Morello out for the day, Chris and Greg decide to cut school and go see the movie Ghostbusters.  The boys think they're home free until they run into Ms. Morello at the movie theatre.  Meanwhile, Drew and Tonya are a little nervous when Rochelle decides to help out at their school's book fair.  Julius spends a frustrating day at the DMV trying to renew his license.

My Super Sweet 16 (MTV; ends at 7:30 PM)-Pampered Katie wants to throw her own Christmas-themed sweet 16.

I Love New York (VH1; ends at 8 PM)-The six remaining guys have to throw a princess party for tween girls.  Later, New York brings the guys to a boxing gym to watch them square off.

7:30 PM:

The Class (CBS; ends at 8 PM)-When Duncan and Richie finish repairs on her home, Nicole is surprised by how upset she feels at not having them around.  After Duncan and Richie finish the massive overhaul of Yonk and Nicole's home in record time, Nicole is upset at the prospect of not having them around anymore.  Meanwhile, Ethan confides in Kyle that he is planning to break up with Palmer.

All of Us (CW; ends at 8 PM)-Bobby tries to steal a pair of sneakers in order to try to fit in with the cool kids at school, but is caught by the store manager.  Meanwhile, Neesee reluctantly agrees to help care for her neighbor, Michelle's (guest star Toni Trucks, "Veronica Mars"), newborn niece, but soon finds she enjoys being around an infant.

Engaged & Underage (MTV; ends at 8 PM)-Jake and Jenn want to marry before he goes off to war.

8 PM:

Supernanny (ABC; ends at 9 PM)-Brian McAfee is a newly-divorced father of four children living a lonely, isolated life in Alaska.  Brokenhearted and bewildered, Brian has shut himself off from the world and even his own children in many ways.  He doesn't know any of his neighbors or his kids' teachers.  He's uncomfortable doing girly things with his daughters, which has left a big gap in their relationship with him, especially for the oldest, Ellie (9.)  Brian's also baffled by his son's troubles with schoolwork, their house is a disaster, and all four kids have serious behavior problems because there's no discipline at home.  This is the first time Jo has ever helped a single dad.  Can she get Brian out of the house and back into the world for his own sake and that of his children?

Two and a Half Men (CBS; ends at 8:30 PM)-A sexy young girl whom Charlie has been dating cajoles him into going to a hot new club, and bringing Alan along to meet her friend.  When they arrive, Charlie and Alan are mortified to learn that the partygoers consider them "old."  Emmy and Golden Globe Nominee Morgan Fairchild ("Falcon Crest") guest stars as a more mature woman who helps rebuild Charlie's ego.

Heroes (NBC; ends at 9 PM)-Peter painfully learns that someone close may have betrayed him and Claude.  Matt’s world spirals out of control when radioactive man Ted Sprague (recurring guest star Matthew John Armstrong) and Hana Gitelman (guest star Stana Katic), a fierce young woman with "wireless" mental abilities, drop into his life.  After blood is spilled, Hiro makes a difficult decision about his mission.  Claire is unable to contain her anger at her father.

24 (FOX; ends at 9 PM)-CTU analyst Chloe O’Brian covers for a fellow agent, and CTU cohort Milo Pressman faces the pressure of new threatening situation.  Meanwhile, Jack Bauer struggles with yet another setback, the terror threat advances, and the Administration remains bunkered down.

Girlfriends (CW; ends at 8:30 PM)

ego trip’s The (White) Rapper Show (VH1; ends at 9 PM)-The remaining emcees battle to see who has the top lyrical-improvisation skills.

8:30 PM:

Rules of Engagement (CBS; ends at 9 PM)-Audrey bets Jeff that he can't score a phone number from a younger woman and gives him a night without his wedding ring to try.  Jeff can't take his eyes off Russell's latest hot date when they meet her at the diner, much to Audrey's dismay and embarrassment.  Later, when Jeff tries to reassure her that he would never go for a younger woman, Audrey tells him that even if he wanted one, he's too old to get one, and the wager ensues.  Meanwhile, Jennifer wants to get rid of their bed because Oliver bought it with an ex-girlfriend.

The Game (CW; ends at 9 PM)-When Malik finds out that the love of his life, model/actress Eva Marcelle (guest starring as herself), is getting married, he decides to use up-and-coming singer Drew Sidora (guest starring as herself) to make Eva jealous.  Learning that she has been used, Drew turns to Derwin as a shoulder to cry on.  Later, Drew asks Derwin to be in her new music video and their on-screen kiss leads to more than he anticipated.

Dancelife (MTV; ends at 9 PM)-Staci struggles to make her music video.

9 PM:

What About Brian (ABC; ends at 10 PM)-Dave is surprised to see that his new boss, Natasha (new cast member Tiffani Thiessen), turns out to be his former intern.  She has re-invented herself from being overweight and non-descript into a sexy, manipulative, and shrewd businesswoman.  While Bridget is away on a business trip, Brian's downstairs neighbors, Laura and Stephanie (recurring guest star Stacy Keibler), convince him to let them use his apartment for a party that turns raucous.  Meanwhile, the still-celibate Adam continues to pursue his law partnership, Dave moves into the guest room back home, and Nicole has an erotic dream about her "manny."

C.S.I: Miami (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-The C.S.I.'s investigate when the parents of a baby sitter in an upscale neighborhood are murdered.  As the team sorts through the neighbors' secrets and lies, they find an unexpected love triangle as a motive for murder.  Meanwhile, a key piece of evidence found at the crime scene leads Horatio to expose a doctor with some dirty secrets of his own.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC; ends at 10 PM)-Last episode before hiatus.  Matt is stuck on a Wednesday night with writer's block and also has to contend with a young lawyer (guest star Kari Matchett, "Invasion") who's investigating a sexual harassment claim while Harriet continues shooting her movie.  In addition, Jordan and Danny enter into a contest to see who'd make the better parent.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 5 PM, watch “Lincoln Heights.”  At 6 PM, watch “Wildfire.”  At 7 PM, watch “How I Met Your Mother”/“The Class;” record “Wife Swap” on TiVo, “Prison Break” on VCR 2, and “Everybody Hates Chris”/“All of Us” on VCR 3.  At 8 PM, watch “Two and a Half Men”/“Rules of Engagement;” record “Supernanny” on TiVo, “Heroes” on VCR 1, “24” on VCR 2, and “The Game” on VCR 3 (at 8:30 PM.)  At 9 PM, watch “C.S.I.: Miami;” record “What About Brian” on TiVo, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” VCR 1, and “I Love New York” when it repeats at this time on VH1.  At 11 PM, watch “ego trip’s The (White) Rapper Show” when it repeats at this time on VH1.  Watch “My Super Sweet 16,” “Engaged & Underage,” and “Dancelife” when they repeat throughout the week on MTV.

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