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Jason X Review

By Shawn McKenzie 04/24/2002

I must tell you before I begin this review that I am not a devotee of the Friday the 13th movies.  I'm more of a Nightmare on Elm Street guy.  I did enjoy the hell out of Jason X though.

Are you thinking, "C'mon!  Jason X?  What are you smoking?"  I did like it though, because it did something that it hasn't done in the previous sequels to this series:  it acknowledged the cheesiness of the series and had fun with it.

I really think that the producers of Jason X knew that there was no way they could tell another Jason story and expect anyone to take it the slightest bit serious.  With that knowledge, and armed with the knowledge that people have noticed all the clichés that the series has produced over the years, they decided to just have fun with the movie.

This movie ends up being more of a dark comedy than a horror movie.  It felt like a parody of the series (and the Alien series as well), but I think they knew this.  All the clichés were exaggerated, from the pre-marital sex rule (you are not allowed to have sex in a Friday movie or you will be killed) to the bad acting.

I want to clue you in on exactly where this movie was going, because the trailer for it doesn't do it justice.  Jason Voorhees is a famous serial killer that scientists can't figure out how to kill in the 21st century, so they decide to cryogenically freeze him until they can figure it out.  A hottie scientist accidentally gets frozen with him in the cryo-chamber.  Four hundred plus years later a group on a school field trip finds the chamber and brings them on their ship, which is headed back to Earth 2 (Earth 1 can't sustain life anymore.)  They thaw out the scientist, and eventually Jason thaws out too and goes on a killing spree.  There is lots of gratuitous sex and many plot-holes, but I think all of this was put in the movie on purpose to add to the fun.  It succeeds.

There really isn't a lot to say about this movie, except that I highly recommend going to see it.  It isn't very scary, but it is so funny that it will scare you how often you will laugh during the movie.



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