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Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector Review

By Shawn McKenzie 04/07/2006

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector is one of those movies that was evident it wasn’t going to be liked by almost every other critic.  While the movie wasn’t exactly the most intellectual pic out there…I actually kinda liked it.

Larry (blue-collar comedian Larry the Cable Guy) is a big-city health inspector (from Miami, I think…the comedian himself lives in Florida) who is a slob in his own right, but is good at stopping restaurant code violations.  He has a few people in his office who don’t like him very well though, including Jack Dabbs (Tony Hale), a wheelchair-bound coworker of his that has been there three weeks; and their boss, Bart Tatlock (Tom Wilson), who doesn’t like Larry’s methods.  Since Bart wants to monitor Larry, he assigns him a by-the-book mannish-looking rookie partner named Amy Butlin (Iris Bahr.)  Larry has never had a partner before, and he keeps thinking that Amy is a man.  Almost everyone else seems to like Larry though, including his mentally challenged neighbor Donnie (David Koechner) and a diner chef named Big Shug (Bruce Bruce), who is participating in the Top Chef All-City Contest for a $250,000 prize.  While training Amy in the fine art of health inspecting, he meets Jane Whitley (Megyn Price), a lingerie store worker who ends up being fired (partly due to Larry distracting her.)  Fortunately, she lands a job as a waitress at Micelli’s, a fancy restaurant owned by Lily Micelli (Joanna Cassidy) and her ugly sister Brenda (Brooke Dillman), who both run their mother’s place, though Brenda wants more responsibility in the operations.  When customers of Micelli’s and other fancy restaurants start becoming sick, Larry finds evidence of food poisoning, and he and Amy investigate who might be doing the poisoning.  He suspects competing restaurant owners and the pervy Mayor M.T. Gunn (Joe Pantoliano) as possible culprits, and attempts to gather proof.  Meanwhile, he starts getting closer to Jane, who lives with her outspoken fat mother (Lisa Lampanelli.)  If he and Amy can find who has been poisoning the restaurant customers, he might be able to save his job.

I’ve liked Larry (born Daniel Lawrence Whitney) and his Blue Collar partners for years.  I had been a fan of Jeff Foxworthy for years, but when Larry, Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White did their 2003 Blue Collar Comedy Tour concert film, I became exposed to Larry for the first time.  Ever since, I’ve been a fan of his crude, politically incorrect country humor.  This movie seems like it could be a redneck franchise, a la the Ernest P. Worrell movies.

Sure…Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector has its share of bathroom humor (including humor actually in the bathroom.)  If you like Larry’s sense of humor though in either of his concert films, on his comedy CD’s, or on his WB show “Blue Collar TV” (which I hope will make it to the CW this fall, though it’s not likely, since the bad ratings has put it on hiatus for months), then you might like this one.  Get yourself to a theater and Git-R-Done!

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