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2006 May Sweeps May 14 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

6 PM:

America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC; ends at 7 PM)

The West Wing (NBC; ends at 7 PM)-This is the pilot episode (they planned to have a retrospective special, but the cast members couldn't agree on the financial terms.)  The entire White House staff bristles with activity when it's learned that the President (Martin Sheen) injured himself during a bicycle accident, and his absence becomes a factor as chief of staff Leo McGarry (John Spencer) must juggle a host of impending crises, including a mass boatlift of Cuban refugees approaching the Florida coast and the reaction of conservative Christians to a controversial televised comment by deputy chief of staff Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford.)  Meanwhile, Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe), the trouble-prone deputy communications director, unknowingly spends the night with a call girl (guest star Lisa Edelstein) and then makes another critical error during a children's White House tour.  The series is from Emmy Award-nominated Aaron Sorkin (ABC's "Sports Night," A Few Good Men) and Emmy winners Tommy Schlamme ("Sports Night") and John Wells (NBC's "E.R.")

6:30 PM:

King of the Hill (FOX; ends at 7 PM)-Season finale; 200th episode.  When Lucky (guest voice singer Tom Petty) asks Peggy to tutor him for the General Equivalency Diploma, Peggy accepts, hoping to prod Lucky to take a job far away from Luanne.  During the course of their lessons, Lucky declares that his intention is to get his G.E.D. and propose to Luanne.  Peggy takes matters into her own hands and intentionally teaches him incorrect material, causing Lucky to fail and forgo his proposal...that is, until Luanne announces that she has a bun in the oven.

7 PM:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC; ends at 8 PM)

Survivor: Panama (CBS; ends at 9 PM)-Two-hour season finale.  The castaways...Cirie Fields, a 35-year-old registered nurse from Walterboro, SC; Aras Baskauskas, a 24-year-old yoga instructor from Santa Monica, CA; Danielle DiLorenzo, a 24-year-old medical sales representative from Boston, MA; and Terry Deitz, 46-year-old airline pilot/retired Navy fighter pilot from Simsbury, CT...are reduced to two finalists who are then questioned by the seven-member jury before they vote for the winner.  Jeff Probst was right...there is one person representing the original four tribes...one old woman (Cirie...though 35 isn't really "old" in my mind); one young man (Aras); one young woman (Danielle); and one old man (Terry...though for 46, he has mastered almost every challenge.)  I think that Terry will make it to the final two, but people always hate an overachiever, so he probably won't win.  If Cirie, the woman who was afraid of leaves in the first episode, makes it to the final two, I'll be surprised (assuming she makes it past the Tribal Council tiebreaker shown in the last episode.)

The West Wing (NBC; ends at 8 PM)-Series finale.  After seven seasons of the Award-winning drama series, the Bartlet Administration prepares to leave the White House and The West Wing.  While Santos and his winning camp are nervously gearing up for the presidential inauguration, current President Bartlet, CJ, and the others fondly look back as they prepare to leave the White House forever.  Guest star Rob Lowe guest-stars as Sam Seaborn.  I haven't liked every episode, but this last season has actually been one of the best since Sorkin left.

The Simpsons (FOX; ends at 7:30 PM)-After visiting an evolution exhibit narrated by guest star Melanie Griffith, Flanders pushes Mayor Quimby to appoint Reverend Lovejoy as a “Mortality Czar” in charge of spreading the theory of creationism.  Darwin’s theories are quickly outlawed and Lisa finds herself as the only supporter of the scientific theory.  After holding secret evolution classes, Lisa is arrested and retains Southern lawyer Wallace Brady (guest voice Larry Hagman) to help defend her beliefs in front of a judge.  While Flanders is on the stand in court, Homer’s antics cause him to crack under pressure and he calls Homer an ape, which leads the judge to believe Homer resembles the missing link...putting a monkey wrench in the prosecutors’ case.

Charmed (WB; ends at 8 PM)

The Surreal Life 6 (VH1; ends at 8 PM)-One-hour season finale.  The final morning finds the guests packing and reminiscing about their time at the Surreal Life Motel.  Tawny spends most of the day sleeping and ignoring the rest of her cast mates.  Later, tensions begin to bubble in the house as Tawny breaks up with her fiancé on the phone.  In complete disbelief, the cast watches as Tawny throws her clothes off, and jumps into the pool naked.  CC is left scratching his head and wondering what has happened to Tawny in the last few days.  She has become completely erratic.  Once reclusive and closed-off from the rest of the cast, Tawny is now skinny-dipping, and sensually kissing the other women on the lips.  Better order some room service, it's going to be a very bumpy final night at the Surreal Life Motel.

7:30 PM:

Malcolm in the Middle (FOX; ends at 8 PM)-Series finale.  Malcolm is elected valedictorian of his graduating class and struggles with his speech, but Lois refuses to hear his complaints and reveals her plans for him to become President of the United States.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Reese will do anything to get a permanent job as the high school janitor, even concocting the most disgusting mess of all time, which explodes all over the family.  Meanwhile, Hal struggles with Malcolm’s Harvard tuition and Francis lands a “real” job working 9 to 5 in a cubicle and enjoys every minute of it.  Grandma Ida (recurring guest star Cloris Leachman) returns for the family festivities, and they all bid farewell to Malcolm when he leaves for college.  After seven seasons, this show has been given love by the critics, but disrespect by its network.  The show garnered an Emmy nomination in 2001 for Outstanding Comedy Series, and Jane Kaczmarek has been nominated as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for every season (well...I guess this season will have to be "every" season if she gets nominated again when the nominations are announced later this summer; it would be cool if she won this time.)  Unfortunately, the show has been bounced around the schedule so much that the ratings have been terrible.  Unlike the hype over the ending of "That '70s Show," this show isn't getting much of a send-off.  That's too bad...because the show is still funny (especially since we haven't seen much of Francis this season.)

8 PM:

Desperate Housewives (ABC; ends at 9 PM)-Reaching the end of her rope, Bree checks herself into the Fairview psychiatric hospital.  Lynette is on a plane, desperately trying to phone Tom.  Susan must start over.  Felicia Tilman has more in store for Paul Young, resulting their war to reach its final battle.  Gaby, Carlos, and Xiao-Mei get pregnant.  Somehow...I knew that Xiao-Mei would get the wrong idea about how to get pregnant...though it looks like Carlos might not object to the traditional way.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC; ends at 9 PM)- New episode.

Family Guy (FOX; ends at 8:30 PM)-When the Griffins get robbed, the family runs into Peter’s panic room to escape the trespassers.  Now isolated and trapped, Peter insists the family know about their ancestry and narrates a chain of events in world history that explain the Griffin name.  Meanwhile, after Meg is chosen to go back into the house, she scares off the robbers in an unexpected way.

So NoTORIous (VH1; ends at 8:30 PM)-Season finale.  It's Mother's Day and Tori is relieved to discover that Kiki is away on a cruise in Mexico.  Tori plans to spend the day with Nanny instead, visiting her church on Crenshaw Boulevard where Tori has many treasured childhood memories.  An outbreak of food poisoning sees Kiki returning home prematurely though and, much to Tori's chagrin, she decides to tag along.  Kiki in Crenshaw?!  Tori is prepared for the worst and sure enough, even with Tori monitoring her every move, Kiki gets completely caught up in the spirit of the congregation.  When Tori ends up embarrassing herself trying to contain her mother's enthusiasm, Nanny steps in to straighten her out.  She reminds her the true spirit of "Mother's Day"...realizing you're stuck with your family whether you like it or not.

8:30 PM:

American Dad (FOX; ends at 9 PM)-Season finale.  When Francine’s birthday brings back haunting memories of a celebrity film moment stolen by George Clooney (guest voice Andre Sogliuzzo), Francine’s new dream is to destroy the star.  When she tries to win Clooney’s heart with the intention of breaking it, Stan actually falls for him and sabotages the plan.  Meanwhile back at home, Roger builds a vineyard and starts up a private sweat shop of foster children.  Kate Jackson (ABC's "Charlie's Angels") guest voices as herself.

9 PM:

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC; ends at 10 PM)-Part 1 of 2.  George and Derek work together, Denny still doesn't have a heart, and Meredith gets paired with Callie.  A 12-week pregnant girl dies in the O.R. and her parents try to keep the baby alive.  This causes tension between Derek and Addison.  One doctor's overreaction unites two bickering patients.  Finn is still treating Doc for medical problems.  The two-part season finale continues Monday night with a two-hour episode.  I think that George and Callie are a cute couple, but everyone is treating her like trash.  C'mon girls...grow up!

Survivor: Panama (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-The reunion special where the winner is revealed as the 16 castaways reunite in New York City, where they are questioned by host Jeff Probst.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC; ends at 10 PM)-Season finale.

12:30 AM:

Robot Chicken (Adult Swim; ends at 12:45 AM)-Learn the secret of Pokemon's Pikachu!  Stupid kids get a new high from "numb-chucking."  A checkers champion goes on the adventure of a lifetime.  Meet Eagle Eye Smith, the blind athlete who will touch your heart.  Then meet the four My Little Ponys of the Apocalypse.  A kid gets a used-car surprise: a Tron cycle!  The Golden Girls share their sexual escapades a la Sex and the City.

1 AM:

Minoriteam (Adult Swim; ends at 1:15 AM)-Five superheroes, each of which is based on a racial or ethnic stereotype, join forces to fight against a bunch of villains who are mostly discriminatory concepts.

1:15 AM:

Moral Orel (Adult Swim; ends at 1:30 AM)-In his quest for maturity, Orel models himself after the emotionally repressed adults of Moralton.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 9 AM, watch “So NoTORIous” when it airs early at this time on VH1.  At 6 PM, watch “The West Wing” pilot; At 6:30 PM, record “King of the Hill” on VCR 1.  At 7 PM, watch the series finale of “The West Wing;” record “Survivor: Panama” on TiVo and “The Simpsons”/the series finale of “Malcolm in the Middle” on VCR 1.  At 8 PM, watch “Desperate Housewives;” record the rest of “Survivor: Panama” on TiVo and “Family Guy”/“American Dad” on VCR 1.  At 9 PM, watch “Grey’s Anatomy;” record the “Survivor: Panama” reunion special on TiVo and “The Surreal Life 6” on VCR 1 when at repeats at this time on VH1.  At 12:30 AM, watch or TiVo “Robot Chicken.”  At 1 AM, watch or TiVo “Minoriteam”/“Morel Orel.”

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