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2006 May Sweeps May 23 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

7 PM:

Stephen King’s Desperation (ABC; ends at 10 PM)-TV movie.  In the middle of the vast, empty Nevada desert stands the once proud mining town of Desperation...a harmless, non-descript little community that one may briefly notice on a drive to some distant vacation destination.  But something evil has taken over Desperation...its name is Tak...and its mission is to eliminate anyone who gets close to stumbling upon its secret.  Posing as Desperation cop Collie Entragian (Ron Perlman), Tak is able to catch his prey while surveying the nearly empty highway.  Caught in his deceptive web are famous author Johnny Marinville (Tom Skerritt), whose misdeeds from the past may come back to haunt him; Ralph (Matt Frewer) & Ellie Carver (Sylva Kelegian) and their son, David (Shane Haboucha)...whose faith may hold the key to bringing down Tak; and Mary Jackson (Annabeth Gish) who, with her husband, Peter (Henry Thomas), will discover a courage they never knew they had while battling the beast.  Meanwhile, Johnny's aide, Steve Ames (Steven Weber), and his traveling companion, Cynthia (Kelly Overton, The Ring Two, "All My Children"), find out for themselves the horror that has taken place in Desperation when they go in search of the famous author; and the town's veterinarian, Tom Billingsley (Charles Durning), knows first-hand the secrets of the town.  Everyone will soon discover that the unearthing of a long abandoned mine in Desperation awakened Tak, and his control over the desert's animals and insects makes him even more invincible to these reluctant heroes as they battle to bring down the beast...and save themselves in the process.

The 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-Special.  Reba McEntire hosts the 41st annual gala in Las Vegas.  Scheduled performers include Trace Adkins; Big and Rich; Brooks and Dunn; Kelly Clarkson; Kenny Chesney; Toby Keith; Miranda Lambert; Martina McBride; Brad Paisley; Rascal Flatts; Sugarland; and Carrie Underwood.  Presenters include Cowboy Troy; Phil and Robin McGraw; Kathryn Morris; Emily Procter; Blake Shelton; Tony Stewart; and Hannah Storm.

Most Outrageous Moments (NBC; ends at 7:30 PM)

American Idol 5 (FOX; ends at 8 PM)-After months of heated competition, dozens of performances, and millions of votes, it all comes down to tonight.  You won't want to miss Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks try to out-perform one another to become the newest American Idol.

Heavy: The Story of Metal (VH1; ends at 8 PM)-Special; part 2 of 4.  British Steel examines metal's growing pains during the 70's when both high-brow rock critics and punk rock threatened its very existence.  By decade's end, bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Def Leppard gave birth to what became known as "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal."

8 PM:

10.5: Apocalypse (NBC; ends at 10 PM)-TV miniseries; part 2 of 2.  In the dramatic conclusion, the nation's team of top seismologists led by Dr. Samantha Hill (Kim Delaney, "NYPD Blue") continue to race against the clock to decipher the unprecedented series of quakes assaulting the nation, and to their horror, now realize the activity could trigger a divide of the entire continent.  There is no choice now but to locate and rescue Dr. Earl Hill (Frank Langella, Superman Returns) trapped inside a Las Vegas casino buried due to a major quake. Leading the efforts is FEMA field commander Natalie Warner (Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, "NYPD Blue") and her team of volunteer rescuers including firefighters and brothers Brad (Dean Cain, "The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story") and Will Malloy (Oliver Hudson, "The Mountain"), whose wife (Carly Pope, "Popular") is also trapped in the structure.  With Dr. Earl Hill saved, he is quickly rejoined with his daughter Samantha (Delaney) and the fate of the nation rides on their last hope to stop the runaway fault line.  Beau Bridges (The Ballad of Jack and Rose), Carlos Bernard ("24"), and Barbara Eve Harris (Ignition) also star.

House (FOX; ends at 9 PM)-As House and his team work on the diagnosis of Vince, a man with a giant swollen tongue, disgruntled former patient Jack Moriarty (guest star Elias Koteas) walks into House’s office and shoots him.  House continues to treat Vince from his hospital bed in the ICU with Moriarty, shot by hospital security and handcuffed to his bed, as his roommate.  Mysteriously since the shooting, House feels decreased pain in his leg.  However, after-effects of the shooting begin to affect him negatively and he starts to question his own ability to diagnose, while hostility increases between him and Moriarty.  As Vince’s body begins to deteriorate, House struggles through his own self-doubts and must trust his team to find a way to solve the case.

Pepper Dennis (WB; ends at 9 PM)-Pepper's budding romance with Mayor Curtis Wilson (guest star Henry Simmons, "NYPD Blue") continues when he surprises her with a weekend getaway.  However, when Charlie confronts Pepper about her relationship with Curtis, she realizes she must end the romance due to the potential conflicts of interest their pairing may cause.  Meanwhile, without Pepper's consent, Kathy throws an office party to celebrate Pepper and Charlie's birthdays.

King of Cars (A&E; ends at 8:30 PM)-Children from a local school arrive to perform their version of Chop's TV show; Chop's two sons and some of his childhood friends visit; the Blue Genie tries to sell two cars to a father and his daughter.

The Real World: Key West (MTV; ends at 8:30 PM)-Janelle questions Jose's work ethic, and he doesn't take kindly to her remarks.

8:30 PM:

Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up (MTV; ends at 9 PM)-Jamie accepts a cameo appearance on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" to meet hip-hop legend Ice T.  Coco and DJ AM also appear.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 7 PM, watch “Stephen King’s Desperation;”  record “Love Monkey” on TiVo, “The 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards” on VCR 1, and “American Idol 5” on VCR 2.  At 8 PM, watch the second hour of “Stephen King’s Desperation;” record “10.5: Apocalypse” on TiVo, the second hour of “The 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards” on VCR 1, “House” on VCR 2, and “Pepper Dennis” on VCR 3.  At 9 PM, watch the rest of “Stephen King’s Desperation;” record the rest of “10.5: Apocalypse” on TiVo and the rest of “The 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards” on VCR 1.  At 10 PM, watch “Heavy: The Story of Metal” when it repeats at this time on VH1.  At Midnight, watch “King of Cars” when it repeats at this time on A&E.  Watch “The Real World: Key West” and “Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up” when it repeats throughout the week on MTV.

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