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2006 May Sweeps May 5 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

7 PM:

Ghost Whisperer (CBS; ends at 8 PM)-Part 2 of the 2-part season finale.  Following a jetliner crash outside of town, Melinda tries to help the hundreds of confused and dead passengers cross over.  While faced with the overwhelming challenge of convincing the dead passengers to cross over, Melinda encounters the evil spirit of "Wide Brim Man" (guest star John Walcutt), who is working against her to keep the spirits earthbound.  In addition, Melinda has to defend herself to investigators who want to know how and why she knew there was trouble with the plane prior to the crash.  Now Melinda must earn the trust of both the passengers and investigators while facing off with "Wide Brim Man."

Deal or No Deal (NBC; ends at 8 PM)-More people will try for the $1 million while Howie Mandel teases them.

The School of Rock (FOX; ends at 9:30 PM)-2003 comedy starring Jack Black, Mike White, Joan Cusack, and Sarah Silverman.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (UPN; ends at 9 PM)

Survival of the Richest (WB; ends at 8 PM)-Season finale.  The final two teams are taken to South Central Los Angeles, where they work together to re-design the lounge of A Place Called Home, an after-school center for children.  Back at the mansion, each of the four contestants must plead their case in front of surprise guests and explain why they deserve to win the competition.

Doctor Who (Sci-Fi Channel; ends at 8 PM)-After chasing a mysterious capsule through time, the TARDIS lands in London during an air raid, where Rose is swept off her feet and lands in the arms of a time traveler called Captain Jack (new regular character played by John Barrowman.)  The Doctor, on the other hand, follows a girl to a meeting of the homeless children of the Blitz.  Here a child in a gasmask is terrorizing them by tapping into phones and making all sorts of things happen, all the while crying out for his mummy.

8 PM:

Close to Home (CBS; ends at 9 PM)-Annabeth brings a high school basketball player to trial for the murder of his teammate after he confesses to accidentally shooting him.  During the teenager's trial, a witness comes forward to testify that the shooting was intentional.  Soon after hearing the testimony, the defendant's father changes his initial statement and confesses to the crime.  Convinced that the teenager's father is lying to protect his son from prosecution, Annabeth digs deeper and stumbles upon a secret the boys were keeping which may have been the motive for the shooting.

Las Vegas (NBC; ends at 9 PM)-Things heat up at the Montecito when Olympic athlete Sasha Cohen stops by; Delinda provides Dr. Derek (recurring guest star Shawn Christian) with an answer to his marriage proposal; Danny and Mike help a couple big gamblers find out if their spouses are cheating; and Sam and Woody (guest star Jerry O’Connell) go away for a romantic weekend.

Reba (WB; ends at 8:30 PM)-Season finale.  After collapsing at Van and Cheyenne's non-wedding, Reba is rushed to the hospital.  The family is panicked about her health, but she only wants to focus on helping Van and Cheyenne resolve their relationship troubles.  Meanwhile, Barbra Jean tries to help Reba feel better, but only makes Reba's blood pressure continue to climb.

The Soup (E!; ends at 8:30 PM)-Joel McHale makes fun of celebrity news and events.

9 PM:

20/20 (ABC; ends at 10 PM)

Numb3rs (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-Don and his family are in danger when they become the targets of the suspects Don and the team are investigating.  An FBI investigation into a computer hacking scam, which taps into a bank's system to gain access to customer's identities and financial assets, becomes personal for Don when the Russian mob spearheading it comes after him and threatens the safety of Charlie and Alan.  Will Patton ("The Agency") returns as Lieutenant Gary Walker, LAPD gang specialist, who joins the investigation.

Conviction (NBC; ends at 10 PM)-A respected female attorney (guest star Reiko Aylesworth) kills her husband, and goes head-to-head against Jim Steele when she decides to defend herself in the courtroom.

Best Week Ever (VH1; ends at 9:30 PM)-Probably something about M:I3 and Paris Bennett.

10 PM:

Can’t Get a Date (VH1; ends at 10:30 PM)-All Marc wants is a little romance.  Instead, he has a lot of issues.  Because of a strict Orthodox Jewish upbringing, and an intestinal illness that lasted well into adulthood, 30-year old Marc has only been out for five years, and has still never been in a relationship.  He'll have to learn how to feel comfortable in his own skin if he's ever going to feel at ease being with someone else.  Can't get a date?  Yes you can.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 7 PM, watch “Ghost Whisperer;” record “Deal or No Deal” on TiVo, and “Survival of the Richest” on VCR 1.  At 8 PM, watch “Close to Home;” record “Las Vegas” on TiVo, and “Reba” on VCR 1.  At 9 PM, watch “Numb3rs;” record “Conviction” on TiVo.  At 10 PM, watch “Doctor Who” when it repeats at this time on the Sci-Fi Channel; record “Can’t Get a Date” on TiVo and “The Soup” when it repeats on E! at 10:30 PM.  At 12:30 AM, watch “Best Week Ever” when it repeats at this time on VH1.

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