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News 03/31/2006

A DVD set collecting the film versions of the works of playwright Tennessee Williams will also feature a 60-year-old screen test of Marlon Brando taken when he tried out for the lead in Rebel Without a Cause. It hits stores May 2.

Per Variety, Robin Williams and Mandy Moore are on board the romantic comedy License to Wed, about a young couple whose wedding plans are delayed when a minister (Williams) of the bride's family church orders them to complete a two-week pre-wedding class. The film starts lensing in May.

Station Agent star Peter Dinklage set to play villain Simon Bar Sinister in Disney's live-action adaptation of the 1960's 'toon "Underdog."

News 03/30/2006

A stuntman whose body was badly burned in when a stunt went awry on the set of Mission: Impossible III is suing Paramount Pictures, executive producer Tom Cruise and his production company, and others, claiming negligence and seeking unspecified damages.

The Beverly Hills mansion owned by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston sold for $22.5 million to an anonymous foreign businessman, according to People.

Oprah Winfrey will not be emceeing the Tony Awards in June, though she is one of the producers of The Color Purple stage show. No word whether Hugh Jackman will return as host either.

Los Angeles has declared next Tuesday Crash Day in honor of the Oscar-winning movie on the same day LionsGate will release a special edition of the flick on DVD.

United 93, a movie dramatizing the events on the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, will make its world premiere as the opening night film at next month's Tribeca Film Festival.

The owner of the James Dean Museum in Indiana was forced to close shop permanently due to financial problems after opening in 2004.

Warner Bros. and IMAX are teaming up to make Superman Returns the first live-action film to be converted from 2D into IMAX's 3D Experience when it hits theaters June 30.

Per Variety, Ben Stiller is set to produce Big Wave, a surfing comedy about the world's greatest surfer who, following a devastating wipeout, mounts a comeback to save a convalescent home of old surfers. No word whether he'll star.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Shia LeBeouf is in final talks to star in director Michael Bay's live-action version of Hasbro's 1980s toy line The Transformers, playing Spike Witwicky, an 18-year-old out to buy his first car which turns out to be an Autobot.

Disney's Chicken Little topped the national DVD sales chart for the week ending March 26, according to VideoScan data, while A History of Violence remained the number one rental for the second week in a row.

News 03/29/2006

Julia Roberts made her Broadway debut Tuesday night as she began previews in director Joe Mantello's production of Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain. Producers say the play has nearly sold out its entire three month run.

George Clooney's Oscar gift bag fetched $45,100 in an online auction that raised money for the United Way's Hurricane Response and Recovery fund.

The American Film Institute is set to honor the Arquette family...which includes actors Clifford, Lewis, Rosanna, Richmond, Patricia, Alexis, and David...with its sixth Platinum Circle Award for their contributions to movies and television.

News 03/28/2006

Brokeback Mountain was named Best Picture at the 17th Annual GLADD Media Awards on Monday.

Mark Wahlberg and longtime girlfriend Rhea Durham welcomed their second child, a baby boy; next up for Wahlberg is the Martin Scorsese thriller The Departed costarring Jack Nicholson.

Morgan Spurlock apologized on his blog for remarks he made in a profanity-laced, politically incorrect speech at a suburban Philadelphia high school.

The Elton John-produced cartoon Gnomeo & Juliet has been taken out of production at Walt Disney Feature Animation, the studio said Monday.

Universal Pictures has dropped six figures to acquire the as-yet unwritten memoir How Starbucks Saved My Life and attaching Tom Hanks to star and Gus Van Sant to direct, per Daily Variety.

Scarlett Johansson has topped FHM's list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

News 03/27/2006

Spike Lee’s Inside Man debuted atop the box office, grossing an estimated $29 million in its opening weekend, and became the highest opening for star Denzel Washington and director Spike Lee. The PG-13-rated horror movie Stay Alive came in third place with an estimated $11.2 million, and Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector came in seventh place with an estimated $7 million.

Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock angered parents and teachers at Philadelphia high school after poking fun of special needs teenagers during his talk at the school. Most of the 700 students who heard him, however, gave him a standing ovation.

Daniel Craig is defending his casting as James Bond to detractors who have threatened to boycott the upcoming Casino Royale because they think he was a poor choice for the part. "I'm a Bond fan," Craig told the BBC. "If I go and see a Bond movie there are certain things I think should be in it. And they're there."

Warner Bros. and producer Jerry Weintraub have set a July 21 start date for Ocean's Thirteen with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon topping the list of usual suspects and Ellen Barkin as the film's leading lady, Daily Variety reports; Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones sitting this one out; Steven Soderbergh will direct again.

Angela Lansbury says she can dance again after undergoing knee replacement surgery. The 80-year-old actress, who put off the surgery for years for fear that it would be too painful, is seeking to educate women about the procedure.

Dana Reeve will host the PBS documentary "The New Medicine" Wednesday, believed to be the final project she taped before her March 6 death.

Keith Carradine is suing indicted Hollywood detective Anthony Pellicano, claiming that the P.I. invaded his privacy by tapping his phones. Meanwhile, the FBI found no evidence that Steven Seagal hired Pellicano to deposit a dead fish on a reporter's windshield in June 2002, and now believe the detective had another motivation for staging the mob-style threat.

Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Laurence Fishburne are donating custom-made motorcycles to an online charity auction organized by Morgan Freeman to benefit a planned memorial for Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington.

Director Richard Fleischer, who helmed 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea and Tora! Tora! Tora! among other notable films, died Saturday of natural causes. He was 89.

All news gathered from E! Online and other sources

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