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News 08/04/2006

Video and audio recordings of Mel Gibson's booze-filled anti-Semitic rant may never be released. Authorities stating they won't be made public unless they are introduced as evidence at a trial, which the actor-producer is unlikely to request. Meanwhile, Rob Schneider has written an open letter to the Hollywood community in Daily Variety, in which he vowed as a "1/2 Jew" never to work with Mel Gibson again, even if "Mr. Gibson offered me the lead role in Passion of the Christ 2." Finally, the Holocaust miniseries that Gibson was producing for ABC may still go forward, despite the backlash against the star. The network's head of movies and miniseries telling TV Guide that the project is "a great story and should be told, independent of Mel Gibson's views."

Tom Cruise's ex, Penelope Cruz, has joined the list of people who claim to have laid eyes on his daughter, Suri. Cruz calling the infant "one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen."

Jennifer Lopez has pulled out of the upcoming Dallas movie, her rep confirmed. It's the second setback for the film, after director Robert Luketic dropped the project earlier this year, citing "creative differences." No word on the reason for J. Lo's exit.

The widow of a photographer killed in a helicopter crash during filming on The Final Season is suing Sean Astin and the movie's producers, among others, claiming that those involved in the film should have scouted the area better and noted the power lines that brought the chopper down.

Bruce Willis is suing his childhood friend and former employee Bruce DiMattia for extortion, claiming he hired his former friend to organize some personal family photos and videos, and that DiMattia is now threatening to make the material public unless Willis pays him $100,000. Meanwhile, Willis is set to star in the fourth movie in the Die Hard franchise: Live Free or Die Hard, which is slated for a July 29, 2007 release.

Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival has ignored a request to remove the documentary Jesus Camp from its lineup and are planning two screenings, one on Friday and one on Saturday. Magnolia Films, which acquired the distribution rights to the film last week, was concerned that its association with Moore would cause "tens of millions [to] automatically reject it."

News 08/02/2006

Mel Gibson was charged with misdemeanor drunk driving Wednesday, five days after his booze-inspired anti-Semitic rant after he was pulled over in Malibu for speeding. If convicted, he faces up to six months in jail. In what appeared to be an overnight effort to take advantage of the notoriety surrounding Gibson's anti-Semitic outburst, Comedy Central on Tuesday ran a full-page ad showing the "South Park" kids shouting, "C'mon Jews, show them who really runs Hollywood." Wednesday's Los Angeles Times points out that the kids are standing next to the Scientology headquarters and that the ad referred not to Gibson but to Comedy Central's decision to re-air the "South Park" episode "Trapped in the Closet," spoofing Tom Cruise, that it had originally yanked months ago. (Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone later submitted the episode for Emmy consideration, and it was nominated.) "It's a little bit of an inside joke at our expense for pulling the Scientology episode," Comedy Central spokesman Tony Fox told the Times. He noted that the ad was designed and approved weeks before the Gibson incident.

Lindsay Lohan will be questioned in a fraud lawsuit filed by two record producers against her mother, Dina, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.com. The younger Lohan is due to report for questioning on Aug. 29.

Kevin Costner will return to the town of Dyersville, Iowa, where he filmed Field of Dreams in 1989, to perform a free concert with his band on Aug. 11, followed by a screening of the movie.

News 08/01/2006

ABC is yanking a Holocaust miniseries it was developing with Mel Gibson's production company after the actor-producer reportedly went on an anti-Semitic rant when he was arrested for alleged drunk driving early Friday. Meanwhile, top Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel has issued a statement on the Huffington Post asking his colleagues to stop working with Gibson. Disney, on the other hand, is stating it still plans to release Gibson's Apocolypto on Dec. 8 as scheduled. Gibson, who is currently in rehab, is scheduled to be arraigned on Sept. 28. Gibson has admitted to making anti-Jewish remarks and is asking for help from the Jewish community in recovering from his alcohol addiction. "Please know from my heart that I am not an anti-Semite. I am not a bigot. Hatred of any kind goes against my faith," An independent review committee has found no evidence that Gibson was given preferential treatment by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department at the time of his arrest.

Heath Ledger has signed on to play Batman's nemesis The Joker in The Dark Night, the next installment of the Batman franchise.

Elizabeth Hurley told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair that she plans to marry her boyfriend, Arun Nayer, very soon and that the twosome are considering having a child.

Wesley Snipes' former talent agency is suing the actor for more than $2 million in back commissions from films including Blade: Trinity, per the Hollywood Reporter.

News 07/31/2006

Miami Vice, Michael Mann's update of his MTV cops, scored an estimated $25.2 million to top the weekend box office, sending Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest to second place after three weeks on top. The teen comedy John Tucker Must Die came in third with an estimated $14 million, the computer animated movie The Ant Bully came in fifth with an estimated $8.1 million, Woody Allen's latest flick Scoop came in thirteenth with an estimated $3 million, and the R-rated indie family comedy Little Miss Sunshine came in eighteenth with an estimated $357,000.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office are considering whether to press charges against Mel Gibson for allegedly driving drunk Friday morning. Meanwhile, Gibson has checked into rehab, Star magazine reports.

Lindsay Lohan's mom, Dina, is sticking up for her hard-partying daughter in the wake of scathing letter from a studio exec saying the actress' antics were jeopardizing her latest flick. Dina Lohan told "Access Hollywood" the charges are "ridiculous." Meanwhile, Lohan arrived at work in a timely fashion after receiving the letter, soothing its author, film producer James G. Robinson. "I wrote the letter; it was from me, not some damn attorney. She showed up. That's all I cared about," Robinson told the Hollywood Reporter.

Will Ferrell and his wife, Viveca Paulin, are expecting their second child together, the actor announced during an appearance on Thursday's "Tonight Show." "I'm not the father. Chuck Norris is the dad," Ferrell joked.

All news gathered from E! Online and other sources

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