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2006 November Sweeps November 23 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

7 PM:

Ugly Betty (ABC; ends at 8 PM)-The day after Thanksgiving is no holiday for Betty, who struggles to pull together a last-minute Mode photo shoot with a famous couple and their baby, while a dejected Daniel recuperates from a hangover...and Sofia Reyes' rejection...at the Suarez house.  Meanwhile, Wilhelmina and Marc go to greet the celebs at the airport and find themselves stranded in a dicey part of town with no money, and Bradford Meade takes a little trip of his own.

Survivor: Cook Islands (CBS; ends at 8 PM)-When the Rarotonga tribe of five merge with the Aitutaki tribe of four, Yul realizes he needs to sway one of the old Rarotonga tribe members to join his underdog Aitutaki alliance and decides to reveals his possession of the hidden Immunity Idol to a few select tribe mates.  Will the castaways stay true to their alliances or will this news stir up the game?  One castaway considers betraying their alliance at Tribal Council, but worries that this decision will cause drama back at camp.

Deal or No Deal (NBC; ends at 9 PM)-Two-hour episode.  Tonight, Joe Kaiser of Barrington, New Jersey receives a special message from the NBC Sports team of Bob Costas, Jerome Bettis, Cris Collinsworth, and Sterling Sharp when he returns to finish his game.  Also, Becky Spears of Ridgeway, South Carolina and Terra Walker of Orlando, Florida play for the top prize of $1 million.

Spider-Man 2 (FOX; ends at 9:30 PM)-2004 action sequel starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, and Alfred Molina.

8 PM:

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC; ends at 9:10 PM)-70-minute episode.  A traumatic car accident fills the E.R., Cristina has a crisis of conscience about her deceptive teamwork with Burke, and Izzie pushes the boundaries of her probation.

C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS; ends at 9 PM)-The remains of Mickey Dunn, a wanted Las Vegas mobster who disappeared in the mid 1970s, are fished out of Lake Mead with a bullet hole in the head.  Soon afterwards, a wheelchair-bound man is murdered and a photo found on his body shows the victim with Dunn and three other men.  Dunn and the victim have Xs on their faces.  It quickly becomes apparent that the other three men may also be targets. Roger Daltrey guest stars.

9 PM:

Shark (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-A married ADA is gunned down along with a high-priced hooker in the prostitute's car on Mulholland Drive.  The investigation reveals the victim wanted to prosecute narcotics cases and not domestic disputes, and may have been working with the call girl on targeting a drug dealer with whom she had a relationship.  The case gets sticky for Sebastian when the hooker's handler turns out to be a woman with whom he has a sordid history.  Also, Julie considers losing her virginity to Eddie.

E.R. (NBC; ends at 10 PM)-It's Thanksgiving in the E.R. but all is far from being quiet.  Abby is about to head home when she is forced to respond to a bus crash accident on the side of a ravine.  Neela accepts Gates invitation to go over to his house after work, but they are quickly interrupted by an unwelcome guest.  Meanwhile, Pratt decides to discuss his brother with Dr. Weaver.

Half Pints Mockumentary (TV Land; ends at 9:30 PM)-Special.  A look at the rock group Half Pints.  The band's name and attire are inspired by Charles Ingalls' nickname for his daughter Laura on "Little House on the Prairie."

9:10 PM:

Primetime Thursday (ABC; ends at 10 PM)-Mel Gibson interview.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 7 PM, watch “Survivor: Cook Islands;” record “Deal or No Deal” on TiVo and “Ugly Betty” on VCR 1.  At 8 PM, watch “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation;” record the rest of “Deal or No Deal” on TiVo and “Grey’s Anatomy” on VCR 1.  At 9 PM, watch “Shark;” record “E.R.” on TiVo, the last 10 minutes of “Grey’s Anatomy” on VCR 1, and “Half Pints Mockumentary” on VCR 2.

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