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2006 November Sweeps November 27 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

6 PM:

Threshold (Sci-Fi Channel; ends at 7 PM)-Unaired CBS episode.  Three of the alien prisoners being held at the Threshold command center escape, which leads Molly to formulate a plan to move five infected detainees to a more secure facility in the mountains of West Virginia. Unfortunately, the truck carrying them is ambushed.  Back at the lab, Molly's team learns a disturbing new way that people are being infected and a key member of the group shows signs of possible infection.

7 PM:

Wife Swap (ABC; ends at 8 PM)-A freewheeling biker mom of three teenage girls from Illinois switches families with a New Jersey mother of two daughters who is a strict disciplinarian.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS; ends at 7:30 PM)-Barney's black, gay brother, James (guest star Wayne Brady), visits and Robin, the only one in the group who's never met him, is surprised...but James has a surprise for Barney that he finds hard to accept.

Deal or No Deal (NBC; ends at 8 PM)-Tonight, be prepared to rally with the models behind entrepreneur Brooks Leach of Mt. Vernon, Arkansas as he plays for the top prize of $1 million.

Prison Break (FOX; ends at 8 PM)-Fall season finale.  T-Bag goes postal to track down a missing Mrs. Hollander.  Sucre's escape plane faces deadly turbulence.  Bellick has the tables turned on him upon his return to Fox River Penitentiary.  Michael and Lincoln are taken into custody to be transported back to Fox River, forcing Mahone and Kellerman to take drastic measures to ensure that the brothers make it to the prison morgue instead of their cells.  A surprising ally changes the game for everyone.

Everybody Hates Chris (CW; ends at 7:30 PM)-After Julius lends Chris a pair of lucky socks, Chris begins to notice that he can do no wrong.  Meanwhile, Drew and Tonya decide to play their parents, Rochelle and Julius, against each other.  Drew enters his school's talent show, but no one in the family has the heart to tell him he has a bad voice.

Threshold (Sci-Fi Channel; ends at 8 PM)-Unaired CBS episode.  Molly fears there will be an alien outbreak in Washington, D.C., after a teen suddenly dies from eating infected food. Her team rushes to discover what foods may be tainted by the aliens and their place of origin.  To help with the investigation, Molly brings in a respected botanist.  Meanwhile, Fenway tries to find a way to save Lucas's life and keep him from mutating.  Later, Molly is shocked when Manning contacts her and tells her the reason why the aliens want to take over the Earth.

7:30 PM:

The Class (CBS; ends at 8 PM)-While fighting off a bee in his car, Richie plows into a convenience store and, despondent over losing Lina, he refuses to leave his vehicle, which causes a big scene and prompts Holly to rush there to get an exclusive.

All of Us (CW; ends at 8 PM)-Robert grounds Bobby from attending his field trip for being disrespectful to Dirk, but Neesee feels Robert may have gone too far and secretly takes Bobby on the trip.  When Robert finds out that Neesee went behind his back, the two agree to stand together when disciplining Bobby in the future.  Meanwhile, Courtney, brings her new boyfriend (guest star Brandon Smith, "Bones") home to meet Dirk.

8 PM:

The Bachelor: Rome (ABC; ends at 10 PM)-Two-hour season finale.  Lorenzo has one rose left to bestow in the season finale, but first he has intimate dates with finalists Sadie and Jennifer, and he asks permission from both of their fathers if he may marry their daughters.  Their mothers and Lorenzo's parents have arrived in Rome as well, and everyone must endure an awkward cocktail party together.  Meanwhile, Lorenzo's mother has designed the engagement ring he will give to the woman he chooses.

Two and a Half Men (CBS; ends at 8:30 PM)-Charlie's latest lover takes over his house and pushes Berta's buttons by treating her like a maid, and he is too influenced by sex to stop her.  Meanwhile, Alan's distracted from trying to get Kandi to agree to sell their condo after she asks him for sex.

Heroes (NBC; ends at 9 PM)-As the clock turns back six months for all of the "Heroes," Mohinder's father Chandra Suresh (guest star Erick Avari) arrives in New York to begin his quest to find individuals with extraordinary abilities, and meets someone all to eager to be special.  Peter celebrates his graduation from nursing school, and learns that Nathan plans to prosecute a case that could mean trouble for the entire Petrelli family.  A surprise visit from her father brings out the worst in Niki.  Hiro attempts to be a hero and change the future for someone important.  Claire joins the cheerleading squad and makes a curious discovery.  Mr. Bennett and the Haitian meet someone special.

Girlfriends (CW; ends at 8:30 PM)

Tiara Girls (MTV; ends at 8:30 PM)-Returns from hiatus.  The journeys of several young women as they compete for the ultimate prize...a beauty pageant crown...continue.

Threshold (Sci-Fi Channel; ends at 9 PM)-Unaired CBS episode.  Ramsey is in a seedy motel room with a stripper who is murdered when a man bursts in and severs nerves in her brain stem with a surgical instrument, but the killer doesn't harm Ramsey.  The investigation reveals that the victim was an alien infectee and that four other people have been murdered in a similar way.  Molly concludes that an alien serial killer is at work.

8:30 PM:

The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS; ends at 9 PM)-Christine has trouble working with Barb at the gym and feels pressure at home to find a nanny for Ritchie when Richard is unavailable to care for him due to a trip with new Christine.

The Game (CW; ends at 9 PM)-When Melanie learns that Derwin is still upset about the bad publicity caused by her continuing friendship with an old football rival, she tries to find various ways to make it up to him.  However, when Derwin refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem, Melanie calls her mother and starts packing.  Meanwhile, Kelly and Tasha persuade Malik and Jason to talk some sense into Derwin.

9 PM:

C.S.I: Miami (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-A Marine recruiter is found dead on a civilian shooting range with several bullet holes in him, but there's no blood at the scene.  The investigation reveals the victim was dead before he was shot and that his body was dragged onto the range.  As the case progresses, Horatio learns the murder may be connected to the death of a marine in Iraq who was killed in combat.  Also, Natalia is shocked to learn that Nick asked Valera out and that she accepted.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC; ends at 10 PM)-The cast has to get through the show despite being ravaged by a virus...and Matt has to get through the week with a new and much smaller writing staff.  Jordan tells Danny that she's pregnant.

Threshold (Sci-Fi Channel; ends at 9 PM)-Series finale; unaired CBS episode.  Molly discovers that the entire population of a small Virginia town has been infected with the alien virus and that a leading astrophysicist is among them.  Molly visits the town and learns the aliens are involved in a secret project that could lead to massive exposure of the virus.  Back at the lab, the Threshold team prepares for an infected woman to give birth, but they don't know if the baby will be alien or human.

10 Items or Less (TBS; ends at 9:30 PM)-Series premiere.  A partially scripted, partially improvised ensemble sitcom about the wacky goings-on at an Ohio grocery store managed by a nerdy owner named Leslie Pool (played by series co-creator John Lehr.)  First up: Pool tries to unite his dysfunctional staff while battling a prissy corporate competitor (Jennifer Elise Cox) who wants control of the store.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 6 PM, watch “Threshold.”  At 7 PM, watch “How I Met Your Mother”/“The Class;” record “Deal or No Deal” on TiVo, “Wife Swap” on VCR 1, “Prison Break” on VCR 2, “Everybody Hates Chris”/“All of Us” on VCR 3, and the second “Threshold” on VCR 4.  At 8 PM, watch “Two and a Half Men”/“The New Adventures of Old Christine;” record “Heroes” on TiVo, “The Bachelor: Rome” on VCR 1, “Tiara Girls” on VCR 2, “The Game” on VCR 3 (at 8:30 PM), and the third “Threshold” on VCR 4.  At 9 PM, watch “C.S.I.: Miami;” record “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” on TiVo, the rest of “The Bachelor: Rome” VCR 1, “10 Items or Less” on VCR 2, and the last “Threshold” on VCR 4.

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