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2006 November Sweeps November 7 Listings

(Show titles in the larger size are the shows I recommend; reruns are not listed; all times are in the Mountain Time Zone)

7 PM:

Dancing with the Stars 3 (ABC; ends at 8:30 PM)-Coming up on week nine of "Dancing with the Stars," three teams...Mario Lopez & Karina Smirnoff, Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke, and Joey Lawrence & Edyta Sliwinska...remain vying for the chance to be crowned champion of "Dancing with the Stars 3," as each performs two routines...their favorite ballroom and Latin dance styles.

NCIS (CBS; ends at 8 PM)

Friday Night Lights (NBC; ends at 8 PM)-The Dillon Panthers are frustrated facing the possibility of last week’s key win over Arnett Mead being overturned due to Ray Tatum’s recruitment (guest star Aldis Hodge.)  Police interrupt a sluggish practice with an arrest warrant for star defensive tackle Bobby Reyes after he viciously assaults another student outside of the sandwich shop.  The Texas High School athletic administration summons Buddy Garrity and an uncomfortable Coach Taylor for further questioning before their final ruling.  Meanwhile, Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity break injured Jason Street out of his rehab room, taking him on a surprise trip to the lake just like old times.  When Coach Taylor and wife Tami butt heads about Bobby Reyes’ punishment, Coach Taylor wonders if he can do his job without giving up everything he believes in and hurting those he holds close.

Standoff (FOX; ends at 8 PM)-When a mysterious sniper kills a string of random people, CNU is determined to find the sniper’s hideout, but when they catch a suspect and announce their success, a police captain is shot and they learn that the man in custody is actually copycat.  With the real sniper on the loose, negotiations aren’t enough and Matt and Emily must work with Frank and Duff to catch the killer before he hurts one of them.

The Gilmore Girls (CW; ends at 8 PM)-Christopher talks Lorelai into visiting Rory at Yale during Parents' Weekend, and Lorelai is surprised to find that Richard and Emily are also there.  Trying to prove how cool he is, Christopher invites all of Rory's co-workers on the Yale Daily News to an expensive lunch where they all drink too much, and the meal ends abruptly when Rory insists they leave to cover a breaking story.  Meanwhile, Luke meets April's swimming coach (guest star Mia Cottet), who convinces him to take her adult swimming class.  When the coach flirts with him, Luke asks her out on a date.

Dog the Bounty Hunter (A&E; ends at 7:30 PM)-In Colorado, Dog takes his family and crew horseback riding; and helps a bail-bondsman friend in the search for a fugitive.

8 PM:

Campaign 2006: Election Night (CBS; ends at 9 PM)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC; ends at 9 PM)

House (FOX; ends at 9 PM)-A 600-pound man, George Hagel (guest star Pruitt Taylor Vince), is admitted to the hospital after he is found in his apartment in a coma.  While they conduct the necessary tests, the team runs into several obstacles due to the sheer mass of the patient, and while sedated and undergoing an MRI, George suddenly awakes in a panic and struggles to get free.  Upon awakening, George decides that he is fine and requests a discharge.  Afraid that George’s problem is bigger than he believes, Cameron takes extreme measures to stop him from leaving.  George believes his problems are unrelated to his weight and instructs the team to come up with other theories.  Unconvinced by George’s reasoning, House discovers the root of his illness during a physical altercation.  Meanwhile, House has spent the night in jail after being arrested by Officer Michael Tritter (recurring guest star David Morse) for a number of violations, including resisting arrest.  Tritter, putting the squeeze on House, searches his home to find more evidence of his drug abuse and puts House’s team on the spot when he questions each of them about House and his relationship with Vicodin, and it becomes evident that House may need to get a lawyer.

Veronica Mars (CW; ends at 9 PM)-Veronica (Kristen Bell) is accused of plagiarizing her paper for Professor Landry's (guest star Patrick Fabian, "Joan of Arcadia") criminology class. In trying to clear herself, she discovers that her mentor is not who she thought he was. Wallace (Percy Daggs III) is pardoned by Dean O'Dell (guest star Ed Begley, Jr., "Arrested Development") for cheating on his exam, but makes a decision that could affect his college career. Piz (Chris Lowell) invites Veronica to a night of bowling and she decides to bring Logan (Jason Dohring) and Parker (Julie Gonzalo), unaware Piz wanted the evening to be more of a date.

Funny Girls (Bravo; ends at 9 PM)-“Paula Poundstone: Look What the Cat Dragged In”-Season finale.  A slyly self-deprecating Paula Poundstone riffs on drinking, rehab, the unsung benefits of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and her lack of culinary expertise in a stand-up set at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.  Poundstone also targets Vice President Dick Cheney's quail-hunting incident and highlights her improvisational prowess by interacting with audience members.

8:30 PM:

ABC News: The Vote 2006 (ABC; ends at 10 PM)

9 PM:

The Unit (CBS; ends at 10 PM)-Jonas and Bob agree to help a mother rescue her 17-year-old daughter from a cult whose members are about to flee the U.S.  The guys' participation isn't authorized by the Unit and is strictly off the clock.  They travel to Arizona with Cheals for the mission and meet up with the distraught mom.  When they enter the cult compound, things don't go quite as they planned.  Back at home, Tiffy covers for Charlotte Ryan with the police after she sees her driving erratically and discovers pills in her car.

Decision 2006 (NBC; ends at 10 PM)

11 PM:

Nip/Tuck (FX; ends at 12:05 AM)-Sean and Christian receive an unexpected visit from Dr. Merrill Bobolit (returning guest star Joey Slotnick), who's out of jail and in need of their professional services.  Meanwhile, Escobar Gallardo (returning guest star Robert LaSardo) blackmails the surgeons into visiting him in prison and performing surgery on his face; Christian, Sean, and Julia learn something unexpected about Matt; and Julia jeopardizes her marriage by telling Sean the truth about her relationship with Marlowe.

Watching/Recording Suggestions:

At 7 PM, watch “Dancing with the Stars 3;” record “Standoff” on TiVo, “The Gilmore Girls” on VCR 1, and “Friday Night Lights” on VCR 2.  At 8 PM, watch the rest of “Dancing with the Stars 3;” record “House” on TiVo, and “Veronica Mars” on VCR 1.  At 9 PM, watch “The Unit.”  At 11 PM, watch “Funny Girls;” record “Dog the Bounty Hunter” on TiVo when it repeats on A&E.  At 12:02 AM, watch “Nip/Tuck” when it repeats at this time on FX.

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