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"Regular Joe" Review

By Shawn McKenzie 04/02/2003

Why cant some movie stars make decent sitcoms?  Daniel Stern, the man who made me laugh in movies like Home Alone and City Slickers has yet to star in a good sitcom.  Okay, if you dont count his voice-work in Dilbert and The Wonder Years, the only other sitcom he has been in was CBSs horribly unfunny Danny, the show that had the dishonor of being the first show to be cancelled in the 2001-2002 TV season.  It looks like he is about to star in his second failed sitcom, Regular Joe.


Recent widower Joe Binder (Stern) lives with his two teenage kids, Grant (John Francis Daley) and Joanie (Kelly Karbacz.)  Joanie has a daughter herself named Zoe, which Joe is helping to raise.  Also living with them is Baxter (Judd Hirsch), Joes pushy father.  Grant goes to high school and works at Joes hardware store, something that doesnt sit well with Sitvar (Brian George), Joes other employee.  Sitvar suspects a little bit of nepotism, though Joe mainly has Grant work there because he trusts him and doesnt have to pay him as much.  Joanie is college freshman, only she is not going to the school she wants to because Joe cant afford to send her.  After she is accepted into Columbia University, she tries to work as a waitress, be a student, and be a mother, all at the same time.  After that obviously doesnt work, she gives up her Columbia dreams and goes to Queens College instead, which Joe can afford.  With four generations of Binders living in his house, Joe has to juggle it all, and manages to do so, all while keeping his sense of humor.


Is ABC purposely courting the blandest sitcoms of the 21st Century?  They already have 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter and According to Jimdo they need this too?  Wasnt this the network that brought us the groundbreaking Roseanne?  I think in the network's attempt to bring its audience more family comedies, its ignoring quality.  I guess they figured having a few big names in the cast would be enough.  Stern plays his part just a little too jolly for a man who is supposed to be dealing with the death of his wife, the intrusiveness of his father, and the motherhood of his daughter.  Yes, I know this is a comedy, but cmon!  I also want to know why Daley subjected himself to playing the boring teenage son role after being so good in his Boston Public guest stint and, of course, starring in the still-mourned geek show Freaks and Geeks.  Ive seen Hirsch in enough bad shows already, so Im not surprised about his appearance here.

Aside from the teenage mother angle, Regular Joe is one of the most generic sitcoms of the season.  I will try a couple more episodes, mainly because I like Stern in general, but if the ratings and quality keep up like this, a couple more episodes may be all that is left.

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