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"She Spies" Review

By Shawn McKenzie 07/28/2002

Oh boy.  What can I say about this mess of a show that might be positive?  Ummm…the women in it are hot?  Sorry, but just being hot is not enough to hold me!

NBC’s new show, “She Spies,” is getting a four-week preview on the network before it goes to syndication this fall.  This show being in syndication seems appropriate, since syndication is the land where T&A is more important than plot or show quality (“Baywatch” anyone?  What about “V.I.P.?”)  This show tries to be witty, ala “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but fails miserably.

Like it matters, but let me give you the basic plot before I go on.  “She Spies” is yet another rip-off of the “Mod Squad” plotline where three criminals are kept out of jail only if they work for a government agency.  Cassie (Natasha Henstridge), D.D. (Kristen Miller), and Shane (Natashia Williams) are the three hot criminals who have to go on spy missions to stay out of jail.  They are given their missions by their supervisor Jack (Carlos Jacott), who is like the Bosley to their “Charlie’s Angels.”  There is no Charlie (except maybe the US government), but it doesn’t really matter.  The plots of this show don’t matter.  It is just a bunch of sight gags (emphasis on “gags.”)

There were a couple of times I thought the show was funny, though it’s hard to remember most of them.  There was a scene where “Sports Night” alum Joshua Malina guest-starred, and underneath his first appearance, some captions point out that he looks like that guy from “Sports Night.”  I honestly can’t remember any more.  This series made me groan much more often than chuckle.

The acting in this series is so cheesy.  The reason why “Buffy” can pull it off is that it takes its subject matter seriously, but has a little fun with it.  On “She Spies,” the whole subject matter is up for spoof, and the writing is so stupid and the acting is so bad that it can’t pull off the jokes effectively.

Unbelievably, I am actually going to check out all four preview episodes of “She Spies.”  I somehow predict that the show won’t get any better, but this is a train wreck I have to fully confirm is bad.  I will not watch it in syndication (unless the two episodes I haven’t seen yet are far superior to the first two that I have seen), because I haven’t seen a good original syndicated show in years.  I really think Natasha Henstridge should go back to acting in her halfway decent movies, unless she really has to be the next Pamela Anderson.  The show should be cancelled right around the time they are looking for someone to play the lead in Barb Wire 2!


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