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Sorority Boys Review

By Shawn McKenzie 03/18/2002

I had very low expectations for this movie.  I really did.

I wish I had done some research before I went to see this movie.  If I had I might not have gone into the movie dreading what I was about to see.  You see, like most movie geeks, I worship directors.  I think the quality of a movie is largely dependant on who the director is.  I figure if a director impresses me with his first movie, he will most likely impress me with all the movies that follow.

That is what happened here.  Sorority Boys was directed by Wallace Wolodarsky, the director of one of my favorite indie comedies Coldblooded (a movie I highly recommend renting.)  The problem was that Wallace sort of...well...gave up after his debut feature.  He went on to produce episodes of "The Tracey Ullman Show," "The Simpsons," and  "The Oblongs," but he didn't return to directing, so I gave up waiting for his next flick to come out.

Apparently the wait (or non-wait) was worth it.  Sorority Boys is a consistently funny movie. 

I bet you thought the same thing I did when you saw the trailers:  [in your best David Spade "Weekend Update" voice]  "I liked this movie better on TV, when it was called "Bosom Buddies!"  Well, it is very similar to that classic Tom Hanks/Peter Scolari series, with a little Animal House mixed in.  As a matter of fact, "Buddies'" Wendie Jo Sperber and House's Mark Metcalf have cameo roles in the movie.  Whether this is an inside joke, a tribute, or pure coincidence, it doesn't matter.  It made me laugh.

The movie is about a trio of frat guys who are kicked out of their frat house.  They are framed, and they figure the only way they can clear their names is to retrieve a video sex tape made by one of the guys.  In addition to the sex, it contains footage of the frame job.  The only way they can get back into the frat house to get the tape is to dress like women and go to the house during a party.  Before they can get the tape they are thrown out for being too ugly.  They land in front of the DOG House, a sorority of social misfit girls who don't meet the requirements to join the Tri Pi House (a sorority of hotties.)  The DOGs take them in and they figure that this is the best way for them to get back into the frat house to get the tape.

The movie has the predictable "seeing life through a woman's eyes" plotline, but that old warhorse is brought back in a very funny way.  Even though you know they are going learn to be more sensitive by the end of the movie, the journey there is an amusing one.

I do want to warn you that this is not a movie for kids.  It has a few gross-out moments, but fortunately there are not a lot of them and the ones that are there are hilarious.

This is a great second film by a director I had thought would never bring out another movie again.  Here's hoping that Wallace's third feature will arrive much, much quicker.



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