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"Sorority Life 2" Review

By Shawn McKenzie 03/01/2003

When I was going back on my review for the first season of MTV’s “Sorority Life,” I was surprised to find that I had never written a review of the show!  I watched every catty episode, and while it didn’t grab my attention the way “The Real World” usually does, I didn’t think it was that bad.  It was fun to watch the pledge process for the girls of the Sigma sorority at UC Davis, and now we get to cross the country for another sorority.  So far, it looks like it might be even cattier!


Sorority Life 2” was filmed during the 2002 fall semester at the University at Buffalo.  It's the start of the pledging process for the girls of the Delta Xi Omega sorority (or DZO for short.)  Unlike the large Sigma sorority from the last season, DZO is a small local sorority with only 14 sisters.  Therefore, the pledge process is highly selective and the sisters want to pick the cream of the crop of girls.  In the first episode, Janel, the Social Chair, sees Nicole, whose older sister is an alum of the sorority, during a pledge drive.  Nicole assumes she is getting an automatic bid because she is a Legacy (the relative of a former sister.)  This doesn’t make the sisters too happy, because another rushee, Melissa, is also a Legacy, which means there will now only be four open spots remaining in this pledge class (they’re not even sure whether she really wants to be a sister anyway or whether she is pledging because of her sister.)  To make things worse, Nicole shows little initiative at an ice cream social at the sorority house by showing up in sweats and separating herself from the other girls.  Later in the episode, after the sisters tell all the rushees that everyone will be judged equally, including the Legacies, Nicole straightens out her act.  She is chosen as one of the girls to come back for interviews.  Whether she will receive a bid or not will be revealed in upcoming episodes.


With the higher scrutiny of the pledges, this season promises to have more tension.  While the first episode concentrated mainly on Nicole, I think we will see more stories that are interesting in the next few weeks.  As one of the girls observed, there are a few cliques starting amongst the girls.  I have a feeling that this is going to be a popularity contest, no matter how evenly the chances they claim they are going to give the girls.


Why I didn’t review the first season of “Sorority Life,” I don’t know, but, based on the first episode of “Sorority Life 2,” I might end up liking it better.  Depending on how the season plays out, it might reach “Real World” level (nah…I can’t picture the sisters cavorting nakedly in the hot tub like the girls from “Real World!”)

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