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Top 10 Best CD's of 2002

Opinions by Shawn McKenzie 01/14/2003

All of these albums were released in the calendar year of 2002.  These are just the top ten albums that I personally liked.  I didn’t hear every album released in 2002, so there may be many albums that were better than these ten.  In addition, since my tastes in music run the gamut from classical to country to rap to metal and everything in between, these albums may not fit your specific tastes.  If you do find one that fits your tastes, chances are good that you won’t go wrong if you pick that CD up.


10.    Shania Twain-Up!-This album was a surprise and a bit of marketing genius.  After ragging all year about female country stars going pop, Shania came out with this album that gave us the same album in a country style and a pop style at the same time (and the pop version is extremely catchy.)

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9.      Christina Aguilera-Stripped-Despite her wackiness lately with the Bozo act in 2001 and the heavily pierced, scantily clad stripper act in 2002, this album is actually very good.  She displays a lot more range of styles here than she did on her debut album.  Please, Christina, take those metal pimples out!  You don’t need them!

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8.      Disturbed-Believe-I still crank up the radio when I hear “Prayer.”  I really miss the jungle sounds of their first album though.

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7.      Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band-The Rising-This is an album that takes a few spins to get into, but it does suck you in, and it will give you chills (good chills though.)  This is not the party album that Born in the U.S.A. was, but you will still have a fun time listening to it.

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6.      Nelly-Nellyville-Now this album is a party!  With many catchy songs and funnier Cedric the Entertainer bits than Nelly’s first album, this one makes you dance.  If I ever held parties at my place, “Hot in Herre” would be a staple song to play at them.

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5.      Audioslave-Audioslave-This album took the best thing about Soundgarden (Chris Cornell) and the best thing about Rage Against the Machine (everyone except Zack de la Rocha) and put them together to make a great disc.  I personally think it sounds more like a Soundgarden album, but there is that RATM influence (especially in the guitar licks.)

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4.      System of a Down-Steal This Album!-If this album is SOAD’s leftovers…give me seconds!  This shows that if a band is talented enough, even the discarded stuff rules.

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3.      Missy Elliot-Under Construction-This album contains the most original, infectious top 40 song of 2002, “Work It.”  That alone would make me pick up the album, but, as Missy says herself repeatedly on the disc, “This is a Missy Elliot exclusive.”  That basically means that there is no other rapper, female or otherwise, that sounds like her.

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2.      Susan Tedeschi-Wait for Me-Susan made us wait awhile for this one, but she proves again that she has got to be possessed by the ghost of Big Mama Thornton.  If you are a fan of blues music, let me assure you, this one smokes!

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1.      Dixie Chicks-Home-The Dixie Chicks are one of the only female country stars that are able to sex up their image and still be pure country (or bluegrass in this case.)  There isn’t an electric instrument to be found!  They appreciate the music that brought them to fame, and it has paid off (with 3 million in sales and counting.)  This album was just nominated for a Grammy for Album of the Year (along with albums #6 and #7 on this list), and even though I don’t think it will win, it deserves the kudos.

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Honorable Mentions (albums I gave a 4 ½ or 4 phonograph rating that didn’t quite make the list):  Bad Religion-The Process of Belief, Jennifer Love Hewitt-BareNaked, Santana-Shaman, Brooks & Dunn-It Won't Be Christmas Without You, Mudvayne-The End of All Things to Come

What do you think of my choices?  What would you choose as the best CD's of 2002?  Please go to the Home Page and post your opinion on the Entertain Your Brain Message Board!

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