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Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2002

Opinions by Shawn McKenzie 01/08/2003

All of these shows are shows that are currently airing new episodes as of this writing and haven’t had their cancellation announced yet.  Some might be in danger of it, or rumored to end this season, but as of now, we can still enjoy them.


10.    The King of Queens-Everyone praises “Everybody Loves Raymond,” but no one ever praises how funny this unofficial “spin-off” of this show is.  Kevin James and Leah Remini have amazing chemistry, even though the show is obviously unrealistic (no woman who looked like Remini would ever go for a package delivery guy who looked like James.)  The bonus of the show is the hilarious Jerry Stiller.


9.      The Sopranos-Four seasons into this show, and I still love it.  This past season was great.  I love how the show constantly goes against expectations.  Everyone pretty much knew Ralphie was going to be whacked, but so suddenly, and over a dead horse?  I also liked how everyone expected another whacking on the season finale, but it never happened (I honestly thought if there had been a whacking, the show would have become a predictable cliché.)  It will be interesting to see how Tony gets by now that Carmela has kicked him out in the fifth (and possibly final) season.


8.      John Doe-This was my favorite new show of the season, and it still intrigues me with every episode.  I keep wondering how they are going to keep up this gimmick of a man who knows everything except who he is, but it does, week after week.


7.      Curb Your Enthusiasm-Larry David was one of the co-creators of one of the funniest shows ever, “Seinfeld,” so maybe it makes sense that he is the only one to escape the “Seinfeld Curse.”  After three seasons, this partially unscripted sitcom is still the funniest non-animated show on TV.


6.      Angel-This show is treated horribly by the WB, because it keeps moving the show and pairing it with other shows that don’t flow with it (“7th Heaven” anyone?)  The quality of the show has never suffered though.  Occasionally, this show is even better then its big sister “Buffy.”  The addition of Connor to the cast has only made it that much more interesting.  Only the ick factor of Cordelia and Connor fooling around is the downside (but I have a feeling it is all part of a weird grand story arc.  I have faith in creator Joss Whedon’s vision!)


5.      South Park-I have no idea why, after six seasons, this so is still able to be edgy and very hilarious.  Some people can’t take the language, but it is something I have accepted since the beginning.  I also really think that creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have got to be Libertarian, because the points they make in the show certainly steer that way.  It also doesn’t hurt that they are from my home state of Colorado!


4.      Alias-This show was good the first season, but it is so much better this season.  First, it is because of the fact that it is a little easier to follow this season (last season was a little confusing at times.)  Second, I love the fact that Will is now part of the C.I.A.  Third, Marshall and Dixon are still cool (I loved the two-episode arc with Marshall where he almost escaped SD-6.)  Last, but certainly not least, the addition of Lena Olin as Sydney’s traitor mom has made the show a zillion times better than it already was.  Plus, it may go without saying, but Jennifer Garner looks so good in those skimpy outfits while kicking major butt!


3.      24-The only thing wrong with this show is that I have to wait seven days (or more if there is a holiday) until the next episode!  This show is the most tense, exciting drama on TV.  It hasn’t let up at all this season (I really want to know how Jack is going to avoid being murdered by Nina and find the bomb!)


2.      The Gilmore Girls-I still don’t know whether to classify this as a drama or a comedy, but I do know that it has some of the best (and fastest) dialogue of any show on TV.  For all of you male TV geeks who think this is just a chick show, you are missing out.  This is no “Dawson’s Creek.”  The main characters happen to be female, but I think you will recognize their sometimes obscure geeky pop culture references when they are talking.  Try it before you dismiss it.


1.      Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Even in its seventh season, it is still the best show on TV.  Take the female butt kicking from “Alias,” the tense action from “24,” and the hilarious dialogue from “The Gilmore Girls,” and you get a picture why I am still a die-hard “Buffy” fan.  I have come to grips with the fact that this might be its last season, and I will miss it, but it’s best to go out on top rather than let it wallow in mediocrity eventually.  All hail the genius of Joss Whedon!

What do you think of my choices?  What would you choose as the best TV shows of 2002?  Please go to the Home Page and post your opinion on the Entertain Your Brain Message Board!

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