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Delta Farce Review

By Shawn McKenzie 06/20/2007

The Synopsis:

Larry (Larry the Cable Guy) is the squad leader of a unit of National Guards, consisting of his friends Bill Little (Bill Engvall) and Everett Shackleford (DJ Qualls.)  The three friends are considered “weekend warriors,” since their lives aren’t the best, so they use the National Guard once a month to play soldier.  When not a Guardsman, Larry is a diner waiter for Cowboy Frank’s.  He has recently found out that his girlfriend Karen (Christina Moore) is pregnant…with another guy’s baby.  Bill is the henpecked husband of Connie (insult comedienne Lisa Lampanelli) and a father of a little boy (Parker Goris.)  Everett is a former policeman (for four days only) who currently works as a security guard for a storage facility (he also happens to live in one of the storage units as well.)  When the General (“24’s” Glenn Morshower) says that they need some more good men deployed to Iraq, he sends Sgt. Kilgore (Keith David) to put the boys through some basic training and then send them off to Iraq (Kilgore goes with them.)  While they are on their way to Iraq, the boys find comfort in a Humvee and go to sleep.  A severe thunderstorm picks up, so the plane’s pilot (Joel McKinnon Miller) decides to dump the plane’s cargo, attached to parachutes, down to the ground.  Unfortunately, Kilgore…who was looking for these idiot soldiers in the cargo bay…accidentally gets his leg wrapped around a parachute strap and is dumped out of the plane too.  When the boys wake up the next morning (they are apparently hard sleepers), they think that they have arrived in Iraq…but they have actually landed in the middle of a Mexican desert (they fail to miss the “Mexico City 500 km.” road sign when they landed.)  They think that Kilgore is dead, so they bury him in a shallow grave.  They then run into Juan (Alejandro Patino) and Carlos (Luis Chávez), two local men who they at first deem as potential insurgents, but quickly realize they aren’t threats.  Juan and Carlos see that the Americans are armed, so they lead them back to La Miranda in the hopes that they will be able to fight against a threat to their village by a band of banditos lead by a man whose name strikes fear in the hearts of all who hear it…Carlos Santana (Danny Trejo.)  Antonio Garcia (Tony Perez), the town’s mayor, and his hot grown daughter Maria (Marisol Nichols) welcome the soldiers and are pleased when they scare off some of Santana’s men.  One of the banditos they capture, Luis (Nicholas Guilak), is amused by the fact that these three rednecks are a little slow on the uptake that they are in Mexico and not Iraq.  Meanwhile, Kilgore unburies himself, hitches a ride with two locals named Flaco (Albert P. Santos) and Jorge (Emilio Rivera), and agrees to help the boys defend La Miranda against Santana…after tearing them a new one first for burying him.

The Review:

Larry the Cable Guy is one of those critic targets that will almost always be hated.  As one of the only critics who actually like him, even his “Git-R-Done” catchphrase can get annoying.  There is something about him that I still like though, and Delta Farce continues with his redneck appeal.

This movie isn’t quite as funny as his last theatrical effort, last year’s Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, but it does have it’s funny moments.  For some reason, I found the running joke of him confusing the Army’s slogan (“Be all that you can be”) with other famous ones…like the Marines (“The few.  The Proud.  The Marines”), the Navy (“It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure”), the Peace Corps (“The toughest job you’ll ever love”), and even Greyhound Bus Lines (“Leave the driving to us”)…to be hilarious.  His long association with Engvall shows in their chemistry (Blue Collar’s Jeff Foxworthy was also supposed to be in the movie, but he was busy with his FOX show “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?”)

Outside the Blue Collar world, the other cast members weren’t bad.  Qualls is always disturbingly funny every time I see him.  Trejo constantly does a great job as a bad guy…whether it’s for comedy, drama, or horror.  David was obviously trying to do the Lou Gossett Jr. role from 1982’s An Officer and a Gentleman, but if you don’t have Gossett Jr. himself handy, David is a perfect runner-up.  Nichols was serviceable as the love interest for Larry, but the chances of a hot Latina gal hooking up with a overweight redneck white guy happens only in movies and not in reality.

I don’t know why Delta Farce wasn’t quite as good as Health Inspector.  You would think that it would have been better, seeing that the director was C.B. Harding…the guy who directed Larry, Engvall, Foxworthy, and Ron White through three very funny concert films (2003’s Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie, 2004’s Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again, and 2006’s Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road.)  I think that the reason why this one wasn’t as good was because Larry had to share screen time with others, instead of stealing the show himself.  As I stated in my review of Health Inspector, I think that Larry is this generation’s Ernest P. Worrell.  His next movie should focus on himself again.  Who cares what the other critics think…I want to see him Git-R-Done again!  (Okay…I still had to say it.)


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