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Top 10 Best Reality TV Shows of 2003

Opinions by Shawn McKenzie 03/10/2004

I'm one of the only TV critics who likes reality shows, so I think I'm fairly credible on what is good.  I only choose TV shows that are currently on the air (or are confirmed to be coming back) as of the posting of this list.  You may disagree with my choices, and that's fine, but know what I like.  See what you think.

10. The Restaurant-One of the few reality shows that is actually real, this show displayed the stressful drama of working in a restaurant.  This one was a show that I was able to get my brother hooked on, mainly because he works in a restaurant.  He told me that it was very accurate.  When it comes back for a second season this summer, I wonder if it will show Rocko’s recent legal troubles.

9. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette-The women were more interesting than the men were this year on “The Bachelor” shows.  Trista Rehn was more fun to watch than either the serial kisser Bob Guiney or the snorefest Andrew Firestone.  Even Trista’s marriage to Colorado-native Ryan Sutter was more entertaining.  It was amusing to see Bob sing Journey though.

8. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy-It’s pretty amazing when a reality show on a cable network can introduce a new word into our culture…metrosexual.  That is when a straight man adapts the stereotyped style and culture of a gay man.  The thing that is cool is that many of the “hip tips” that that Fab Five give are actually useful.  Unlike other makeover shows, you can enjoy this one for the humor alone.

7. Last Comic Standing-I knew this show was coming eventually, but it ended up being more entertaining than I had anticipated.  It was a mix between “American Idol” and “Big Brother,” with a little 8 Mile thrown in.  Although my favorite, Ralphie May, didn’t win, the show was fun to watch for all the tension and the hilarious fights in the house.  I’m definitely catching season two when it premieres this summer.

6. The Amazing Race-Even though this show has won an Emmy and gone through four seasons already, it’s always flown under the radar with viewers.  A fifth season is around the corner, and I have a feeling that it will also come and go without much attention.  This show is all about the action.  There isn’t much time for the “getting to know each other” parts, though there is a little of it.  I hate to say it, but in this game, the winner is going to be the team that is the most physically fit.

5. The Mole/Celebrity Mole-While it was fun watching B-list celebrities being battered around, I actually preferred watching real people play the game.  I know that technically ABC has cancelled this show, I think that another network will pick it up, which is why it is on this list.  After four seasons, I’ve yet to guess the Mole correctly, which makes me love it even more.  I do want Anderson Cooper back as the host though.

4. Big Brother-Most critics hate reality shows, and I think that this show is #1 on their hit list.  That is probably why I love it.  The claustrophobic nature of the show has led to some juicy soap opera-like drama.  It is the biggest guilty pleasure of the summer, and I have to give kudos to CBS for resisting the temptation to schedule it during the regular season.  ABC made that same mistake with “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” and it cost them dearly.  Season five premieres this summer, and I can’t wait for it!


3. Survivor-The original network reality show is still one of the best.  I especially loved “Survivor: Pearl Islands,” partially because it had names for the teams you could actually pronounce, and several people, including Rupert and Jon, took the pirate theme to heart.  Even though I’ve already forgotten who won, I won’t forget the season.

2. American Idol-Let’s face it: this show is all about Simon.  As much as people may boo him, they would miss him greatly if he weren’t involved.  He is brutally honest, and he has the credibility to back it up.  Three of the four finalists who have released albums have scored major hits (Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Ruben Studdard; only Justin “Sideshow Bob” Guarini has been a flop.)  If we didn’t have Simon, we’d have “Star Search,” “Fame,” or one of the many shows trying to copy this show.

1. The Simple Life-I may be highly criticized for putting this show on top, but it cracked me up on a weekly basis.  This show could have easily been a bad network version of MTV’s “Rich Girls,” but they wisely chose to do the fish-out-of-water route.  The show is coming back for a second season, and I hope that Paris and Nicole haven’t done any research on real life, because we will then get more gems like the Wal-Mart comment.

What do you think of my choices?  What would you choose as the best reality TV shows of 2003?  Please email me at shawn@entertainyourbrain.com or go to the Home Page and post your opinion on the Entertain Your Brain Message Board!

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