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UPN 2002 Fall Season

UPN Fall 2002 Grid
(all times Mountain Time Zone)

7 PM

7:30 PM

8 PM

8:30 PM


Local Programming


The Parkers

One on One


Half and Half


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Haunted (cancelled)



The Twilight Zone


WWE Smackdown!


UPN Friday Movie


Local Programming


New Show

New Timeslot


Cancelled Shows:

"As If"
"The Hughleys"
"The Random Years"
"Special Unit 2"
"Under One Roof"
"Wolf Lake"

Midseason Shows/Shows Moved to Midseason:





New Show Descriptions


"Haunted" (Tuesdays, 8 PM)-A happily married cop's life is turned upside down when his son is kidnapped and never found.  Four years later, he's divorced and working as a private detective when a near-death experience makes him begin receiving communications from lost souls beyond the grave.  It stars Matthew Fox and Russell Hornsby.


"The Twilight Zone" (Wednesdays, 8 PM)-An update of the classic '60s supernatural anthology series that Rod Serling made famous.  Each 60-minute episode will be a self-contained story.  Host Forest Whitaker takes over for Serling in this update.




"Half and Half" (Mondays, 8:30 PM)-Two half-sisters who only have their father in common suddenly find themselves neighbors in the same San Francisco apartment building.  One's a free spirit, the other an overachiever.  One was raised by a single parent, the other had two.  Although they agree on next to nothing, the blood bond takes over.  Luckily, there's a third-party friend to help smooth the waters when things get rough.  It stars Rachel True, Essence Atkins, Telma Hopkins, Valarie Pettiford, and Theron "Chico" Benymon.

Midseason Shows:


"Abby"-Abby has a complicated life.  As the producer of a sports program, she's surrounded by guys and a lot of testosterone; she's broken up with her self-absorbed boyfriend, but remains roommates with him so that they can hold on to their rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco; and, her "feisty and flirtatious" sister wants to teach her how to use her feminine wiles to get ahead.  Also her best friend is harboring a secret crush on her.  It stars Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Sean O'Brayn, Randy J. Goodwin, and Tangie Ambrose.

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