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"Doggy Fizzle Televizzle" Review

By Shawn McKenzie 07/02/2003

I saw the ?pilot? episode of ?Doggy Fizzle Televizzle? on MTV when it debuted late last year.  I thought it was funny, but I was getting impatient for fresh episodes.  Later, I?m going to get into the annoying habit that some cable channels get into when premiering new shows.  For now though, it?s all about the D-O-Double G.


Rapper Snoop Dogg created this show, and he is featured in virtually every skit.  It is part ?In Living Color,? part ?Chappelle?s Show,? and all very humorous.  In the pilot episode that ran ad nausea between MTV and MTV2, it featured skits where Snoop played Mr. Dizzle, a substitute elementary school teacher who taught the kids bad things.  It also had Snoop recreating the infamous R. Kelly sex tape, only with an old white lady.  In an especially funny highlight spoofing prank shows, Snoop operates a fast food drive-thru and speaks in his ?dizzle? language.


In the first regular episode, Snoop mocks the designing reality shows with ?Rock the Crash Crib House Space,? where he took an Asian college student?s dorm room and redesigned it to be a jail cell, complete with a big jail mate for the poor guy.  Snoop also was the head of Wigout, a service for white people to deprogram their white kids who think they are black.  They do a funny parody of censoring, replacing Snoop?s curse words with surfer lingo.  He parodies his ?Girls Gone Wild? videos by having thoughtful messages over the black bars that cover the exposed chests of the wild girls.  He is the title character in a popcorn flick called The Negrotiator where he is called in to talk to a guy threatening to jump off a building by talking to him in his native Ebonics language.


In the second regular episode, Mr. Dizzle makes another appearance.  He teaches a class of immigrants the gangsta life.  In another segment, he does a parody of Gatorade called Haterade, a juice to replenish tired ?haters,? people who have nothing but mean things to say about other people.  Not all segments are too funny.  In a parody of MTV?s ?Diary,? they do the diary of Big Jeffrey, a bucktoothed pimp who is just gross.  For every bad segment, there are many good ones.  In ?The Braided Bunch,? the dad ends up in bed with all the women, including the maid and the dog (okay, that might have been disturbing.)  In a ?Black History Minute? segment, he talks about the black man who invented all of the white people racial slurs.


What would a show created by Snoop Dogg be without music?  There is an infectious theme song at the beginning, and the episodes usually end with either Snoop or another rapper giving a musical performance.


Some more sensitive people might find this show offensive.  It is highly politically incorrect, and spends a lot of time making fun of white people.  As a white person myself, I couldn?t care less.  Snoop has never been the best actor, but his laid-back style makes for some original comedy.  It?s a switch from the mean characters he has played in movies like Baby Boy, Training Day, and Bones.  He has a sense of humor that is highly amusing.


I?ve spent so much time gushing about how I like this show that I almost forgot to talk about the one thing that I didn?t like.  It?s actually not a fault of the show, but of the network.  Why do some cable networks premiere the pilot episode of a show, and then start the season many months later?  MTV did it with this show, the Cartoon Network did it with ?Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law,? and Nickelodeon did it with ?The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius? and ?Rugrats: All Grown Up? (the last of which has yet to start its regular season.)  I figure they are trying to whet the appetites of the audience, but sometimes people can forget the shows existed, so I think they should just get the whole season out of the way at one time.

I?ve noticed that almost every comedy variety show that has been on MTV has bombed, so we?ll have to see if ?Doggy Fizzle Televizzle? joins that group.  The network loves Snoop, so he might break out of the pack, and deservedly so.


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