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NBC 2004 Fall Season

NBC Fall 2004 Grid
(all times Mountain Time Zone)


6 PM

6:30 PM

7 PM

7:30 PM

8 PM

8:30 PM

9 PM

9:30 PM


"Dateline NBC"

"American Dreams"

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent"

"Crossing Jordan"


"Fear Factor"

"Las Vegas"



"Last Comic Standing"

"Father of the Pride"


"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"



"The West Wing"

"Law & Order"



"Will & Grace"

"The Apprentice"



"Dateline NBC"

"Third Watch"

"Medical Investigation"


"NBC Saturday Night Movie"


New Show

New Timeslot


Cancelled Shows:

"Good Morning, Miami"
"Happy Family"
"The Lyon's Den"
"Miss Match"
"The Restaurant"
"The Tracy Morgan Show"

Midseason Shows/Shows Moved to Midseason:

"Average Jane"
"The Contender"
"Crazy for You"
"Law & Order: Trial by Jury"
"The Men's Room"
"The Office"

New Show Descriptions


"Hawaii" (Wednesdays at 7 PM)
Premise: The TV cop drama gets scenic, using the Hawaiian islands as a backdrop to local and international criminals and the cops and detectives looking to bring them down.  Look for location-specific crimes, such as a smoldering torso found at the base of an active volcano.
Stars: Michael Biehn (The Terminator), Sharif Atkins ("E.R."), Ivan Sergei ("Crossing Jordan"), Eric Balfour ("Six Feet Under," "The O.C."), Aya Sumika, and Cary Tagawa
Studio: NBC Universal Television
Producer: Jeff Eastin

"LAX" (Mondays at 9 PM)
Premise: Inside the microcosm of a major city's international airport, this show explores the lives of the core ensemble consisting of an airfield chief, terminal manager, airline supervisor, and immigration office clerk.  In addition, and in the tried and true "Love Boat" formula, the episodes expand to include the passengers who are passing through each week.
Stars: Heather Locklear ("Spin City," "Melrose Place"), Blair Underwood ("Sex and the City"), Paul Leyden ("As the World Turns"), David Paetkau (Final Destination 2), Wendy Hoopes ("Daria"), Chad Todhunter ("Party of Five"), and Frank John Hughes ("Band of Brothers")
Studio: NBC Universal Television
Producers: Mark Gordon and Nick Thiel

"Medical Investigation" (Fridays at 9 PM)
Premise: Based on true stories, this combination medical drama and cop show follows a group of National Institute of Health experts as they travel the country, swooping in to take over treatment of life-or-death cases.
Stars: Neal McDonough ("Boomtown"), Kelli Williams ("The Practice"), Troy Winbush (John Q), Anna Belknap ("The Handler"), and Christopher Gorham ("Jake 2.0")
Studio: Paramount Network Television and NBC Universal Television
Producers: Michelle Ashford, Bob Cooper, Jason Horwitch, and Scott Vila




"Father of the Pride" (Tuesdays at 8 PM)
Premise: CGI effects meld with celebrity vocal talent for this comedy about a pride of Las Vegas lions and their animal friends, including: a gopher, an orangutan, and a flamingo.  In addition, Vegas showmen Siegfried & Roy get the animated treatment as well.
Stars: John Goodman ("Roseanne"), Cheryl Hines ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), Carl Reiner ("The Dick Van Dyke Show"), Orlando Jones, Julian Holloway, Dave Herman (Office Space), Danielle Harris, and Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids)
Studio: DreamWorks Television and DreamWorks Animation
Producers: Jeffrey Katzenberg (Shrek), Jonathan Groff ("Late Night with Conan O'Brien"), Jon Pollack ("Spin City," "Just Shoot Me"), and Peter Mehlman ("Seinfeld")

"Joey" (Thursdays at 7 PM)
Premise: Familiar "Friend" Joey Tribbiani leaves New York City for Los Angeles in order to pursue his acting career, where he moves in with his 20-year-old rocket scientist nephew and reunites with his high-strung sister.  Added to the mix is an attractive neighbor.  No mention as to whether or not his new duck and chick will join him on the West Coast.
Stars: Matt LeBlanc ("Friends"), Drea de Matteo ("The Sopranos"), Paulo Costanzo (Road Trip), and Andrea Anders
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Producers: Kevin S. Bright, Shane Goldberg, Scott Silveri, Sherry Bilsing-Graham, and Ellen Plummer (all of "Friends")

Midseason Shows:


"The Contender" (Reality; Tuesdays at 7 PM following the completion of "Average Joe")
Premise: Sixteen wannabe boxers are followed from training camp to ring challenges to boxing matches.  Being a Mark Burnett show, there will of course be eliminations, with the ultimate champ winning a million dollar purse.
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Kallen, George Foreman, and Sugar Ray Leonard
Studio: Mark Burnett Productions, DreamWorks Television and Rouge Marble
Producers: Jeffrey Katzenberg, Mark Burnett, and Sylvester Stallone

"Crazy for You" (Comedy)
Premise: Opposites attract in this tale of two New Yorkers, an optimistic occupational therapist and a pessimistic heir to a blood lineage of geniuses who have all gone insane, who meet cute and fall in love.
Stars: Josh Cooke ("Century City"), Jennifer Finnigan ("Crossing Jordan"), Darius McCrary ("Kingpin"), Tammy Lynn Michaels ("The L Word," "Popular"), and Tom Poston ("Newhart")
Studio: NBC Universal Television
Producers: Ellen Heisler and DeAnn Heline ("Three Sisters")


"Law & Order: Trial by Jury" (Drama)
Premise: The fourth installment of the NBC legal franchise, this series will follow the same "ripped-from-the-headlines" formula as the previous three, but will offer a twist in the way of looking at the behind-the-scenes legal machinations.  Beginning each week with a criminal arraignment, viewers will follow as the wheels of justice start grinding away.
Stars: Carey Lowell and Jerry Orbach ("Law & Order")
Studio: Wolf Films and NBC Universal Television
Producers: Dick Wolf, Walon Green, and Mark Rydell


"Medium" (Drama)
Premise: A housewife finds herself "gifted" with the ability to see and hear dead people.  Her rocket scientist husband goes from being a skeptic to a bemused believer as she embarks on solving crimes across the country.
Stars: Patricia Arquette, Jake Weber (U-571), Miguel Sandoval, and April Grace
Studio: Picturemaker Productions and Grammnet Productions
Producers: Glenn Gordon Caron ("Moonlighting," "Now & Again"), Rene Echevarria, Steve Stark, and Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier")


"The Men's Room" (Comedy)
Premise: A 42-year-old who has been married for 20 years and a 22-year-old who is going on 50 turn to a 32-year-old in hopes that he can teach them how to be better "guys."
Stars: Scott Cohen ("The Gilmore Girls"), John Cho (American Pie, Better Luck Tomorrow), Suzanne Cryer ("Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place"), Brian Skala ("Just Deal"), and Shelly Cole (Prey for Rock & Roll)
Studio: NBC Universal Television
Producers: Danny Zucker


"The Office" (Comedy)
Premise: Based on the British series of the same name, this import promises to be "faster paced" than the original.  However, the characters remain the same, from the worst boss ever to the smitten everyman who lusts after the engaged receptionist and constantly provokes his high-strung co-worker.
Stars: Steve Carell ("The Daily Show"), John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer ("Miss Match"), Rainn Wilson ("Six Feet Under"), and B.J. Novak ("Raising Dad")
Studio: Reveille in association with NBC Universal Television
Producers: Ben Silverman, Greg Daniels, Howard Kelin, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Ken Kwapis


"Revelations" (Drama; Wednesdays at 8 PM during a midseason hiatus of "The West Wing")
Premise: A scientist is faced with the tough choices when his belief system is challenged to give rational explantions to what appear to be signs foretelling the Apocalypse.  A nun plays Mulder to his Scully as the two of them attempt to stop the coming Armageddon.
Stars: Bill Pullman (Independence Day), Natasha McElhone (Solaris), Michael Massee (Se7en), Tobin Bell (The Road to El Dorado), and twins Chelsea and Brittney Coyle
Studio: Pariah
Producers: Vivian Cannon and Jessika Borsiczky


Information gathered from Zap2it.com

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