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Top 5 Worst TV Shows of 2003

Opinions by Shawn McKenzie 03/10/2004

I don't see every single show on every single channel, but I do watch more TV than most, so I think I'm fairly credible on what is bad.  I only choose TV shows that are currently on the air (or are confirmed to be coming back) as of the posting of this list.  You may disagree with my choices, and that's fine, but know what I like.  See what you think.

5. Eve-This show is fairly standard and cliché.  There is nothing unique about the show at all.  What was intended as a study about how the opposite sexes approach dating became a by-the-books sitcom.  It also doesn’t help that Eve’s acting skills aren’t quite there yet.

4. Da Ali G Show-This may be a hit across the pond, but here in America, it’s incredibly stupid.  His shtick wears thin even in the Madonna video “Music.”  Unfortunately, HBO has ordered more episodes of this show.  I guess they have to have at least one bad show on at a time.


3. Still Standing-Once again, this show has remained the one sore spot on a great CBS Monday lineup.  Mark Addy’s British accent isn’t as noticeable anymore, but he and Jamie Gertz still have no chemistry.  I wish that they would put “The King of Queens” back on Monday and ship this horrible show to Wednesdays.

2. According to Jim-Why do people watch this incredibly stupid show?  Just as “Still Standing” is the one sore spot on the Monday night CBS lineup, this show is the clunker in a decent Tuesday night ABC lineup.  The only thing good about the show is that in is one less thing I have to record in the already overcrowded Tuesday TV nights.

1. The Mullets-Not only is this the worst new show of the season, it is the worst show on TV overall.  What precedent had been set to make UPN think that this would be a hit?  I watched the first three episodes, and I didn’t laugh once.  Even wrestling fans should be insulted by this show.  The big question now is…why is UPN bringing it back?

What do you think of my choices?  What would you choose as the worst TV shows of 2003?  Please email me at shawn@entertainyourbrain.com or go to the Home Page and post your opinion on the Entertain Your Brain Message Board!

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