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The WB 2002 Fall Season

The WB Fall 2002 Grid
(all times Mountain Time Zone)


6 PM

6:30 PM

7 PM

7:30 PM

8 PM

8:30 PM


The Gilmore Girls: Beginnings




7th Heaven



The Gilmore Girls



Dawson's Creek

Birds of Prey (cancelled)


Family Affair

Do Over

JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

Off Centre (cancelled)


What I Like About You

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch


Greetings from Tuscon


Local Programming


New Show

New Timeslot


Cancelled Shows:

"Glory Days"
"Maybe It's Me"
"Men, Women & Dogs"
"Raising Dad"
"Elimidate Deluxe"
"No Boundaries"
"The Steve Harvey Show"
"My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star"

Midseason Shows/Shows Moved to Midseason:

"The O'Keefes"






New Show Descriptions


"Birds of Prey" (Wednesdays, 8 PM)-Loosely based on the DC Comic, New Gotham is torn apart when the Joker lets loose and kills Catwoman and confines Batgirl to a wheelchair.  Batman leaves the city in mourning for Catwoman, while Batgirl (a.k.a. Barbara Gordon) changes herself into "Oracle" and takes in Batman and Catwoman's secret love child, "Huntress."  It stars Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer, Rachel Skarsten, Shemar Moore, and Mia Sara.


"Everwood" (Mondays, 8 PM)-A neurosurgeon who has allowed his career to take precedence over his family gets a wake-up call when his wife dies.  Packing up his 9-year-old daughter ad 15-year-old son, he abandons New York City for a small Colorado town where he opens up a general practice and charges his patients nothing.  It stars Treat Williams, Gregory Smith, Emily VanCamp, Debra Mooney, John Beasley, Vivien Cardone, Chris Pratt, and Tom Amandes.




"Do Over" (Thursdays, 7:30 PM)-An unhappy, 34-year-old salesman has a freak accident and is sent back in time to his freshman year of high school.  Armed with 20 years of knowledge, and a dysfunctional family, he sets about making his life over.  It stars Penn Badgley, Angela Bethany Goethals, Gigi Rice, Natasha Melnick, Michael Milhoan, and Josh Wise.

"Family Affair" (Thursdays, 7 PM)-An updated version of the late '60s show about a Manhattan bachelor and his proper English butler who find their lives turned upside down when they are put in charge of a teen girl and 6-year-old twins.  It stars Tim Curry, Gary Cole, Sasha Pieterse, Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak, and Caitlin Wachs.


"The Gilmore Girls: Beginnings" (Sundays, 6 PM)-Not really a new show, but "The Gilmore Girls'" first season rerun in chronological order.  This show is still my second favorite show on TV today (behind a certain show about a vampire slayer that this show replaced on Tuesdays this past season!)


"Greetings from Tuscon" (Fridays, 8:30 PM)-A 15-year-old tries to figure out where he fits in, both in life and in his ethnically diverse family: Dad, the proud but impossibly pragmatic Mexican American; Mom, a fierce Irish American; his sister, who insists she's Spanish; and his extremely hip uncle and grandmother.  It stars Pablo Santos, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Rebecca Creskoff, Jacob Vargas, Aimee Garcia, Jamie Strange, Bobby Chavez, and Lupe Onitveros.

"What I Like About You" (Fridays, 7 PM)-A 16-year-old free spirit turns her straitlaced big sister's life upside down when she goes to live with her in New York.  It stars Amanda Bynes, Jennie Garth, Simon Rex, and Wesley Jonathan.

Midseason Shows:


"The O'Keefes"-Eccentric parents home-school their three children, only to have their two teens and one younger child become obsessed with knowing about popular culture.  Ultimately, they are left with no choice but to send the trio, who can speak six languages but don't know how to make friends, to public school.  It stars Judge Reinhold, Kirstin Nelson, Joseph Corss, Tania Raymond, and Matt Weinberg.

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