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ABC 2002 Fall Season

ABC Fall 2002 Grid
(all times Mountain Time Zone)


6 PM

6:30 PM

7 PM

7:30 PM

8 PM

8:30 PM

9 PM

9:30 PM


Wonderful World of Disney


The Practice


Monday Night Football

The Drew Carey Show (after news, Nightline, and Up Close) Whose Line Is It Anyway? (after news, Nightline, and Up Close)

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter

According to Jim

Life with Bonnie

Less Than Perfect



My Wife and Kids

George Lopez

The Bachelor 2

MDs (cancelled)


Dinotopia (cancelled)

Push, Nevada (cancelled)

Primetime Thursday


America's Funniest Home Videos

That Was Then (cancelled)



ABC Saturday Night Movie


New Show

New Timeslot


Cancelled Shows:

"Bob Patterson"
"The Court"
"Dharma & Greg"
"The Job"
"Once and Again"
"Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher"
"Spin City"
"Wednesday 9:30 (8:30 Central)"

Midseason Shows/Shows Moved to Midseason:

"Jimmy Kimmel Project"
"My Second Chance"
"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (as specials and time-filler)


New Show Descriptions


"Dinotopia" (Thursdays, 7 PM)-Picking up where the miniseries left off, the show depicts a lost world where man and dinosaurs live together in harmony.  It follows a father and his two sons as they struggle to adapt to a land technology and humanity forgot.  It stars Erik von Detten, Shiloh Strong, Michael Brandon, Georgina Rylance, Jonathan Hyde, Sophie Ward, and Lisa Zane.


"MDs" (Wednesdays, 9 PM)-Two renegade doctors (William Fichtner and John Hannah) at an oversized, mega-frugal HMO in San Francisco clash with the system, bend the rules and find the loopholes in a constant struggle to treat their patients.  The two practice medicine with a take-no-prisoners attitude and don't-take-no-for-an-answer tactics.  Also stars Jacqueline McKenzie, Robert Joy, Aunjanue Ellis, Michaela Conlin, Jane Lynch, and Edward Hermann.


"Push, Nevada" (Thursdays, 8 PM)-From the folks behind "Project Greenlight" and the never-aired "The Runner" (Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Moore and Sean Bailey), comes this scripted interactive mystery where each episode contains clues that leads viewers to a cash prize hidden somewhere in the country.  It all starts with a mild-mannered IRS agent who travels to a remote desert region in search of missing money and stumbles into a strange small town where mystery, danger, and peculiar characters lurk around every off-kilter corner.  Every word, every sign, every gesture holds a clue toward solving the riddle.  It stars Derek Cecil and Scarlett Chorvat.


"That Was Then" (Fridays, 8 PM)-A 30-year-old door-to-door salesman whose one true love is married to his brother goes back in time to one week where everything went wrong...only to return to find that his tinkering has screwed things up more.  It stars James Bulliard, Tyler Labine, Bess Armstong, Kiele Sanchez, Jeffrey Tambor, Brad Raider, Andrea Bowen, and Tricia O'Kelley.



"8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" (Tuesdays, 7 PM)-Based on the best-selling book by W. Bruce Cameron, John Ritter stars as Paul Hennessy, a loving, rational dad who can't quite figure out how his sweet little daughters morphed into hormonally-challenged, incomprehensible teenagers.  Luckily, he still has a 13-year-old son who still speaks his language.  Also stars Katey Sagal, Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson, and Martin Spanjers.


"Less Than Perfect" (Tuesdays, 8:30 PM)-A perky former temp (Sara Rue) finds herself at the mercy of of her co-workers when she moves up in the world of executive assistants for a network news show.  Also stars Zackary Levi, Sherri Shepherd-Tarpley, Andrea Parker, Andy Dick, and Eric Roberts.


"Life With Bonnie" (Tuesdays, 8 PM)-Writer/director/producer/actress Bonnie Hunt plays a working mom whose career as a local TV show host brings her a level of pseudo-celebrity.  Which doesn't sit too well with her family, when they see themselves reflected in some of the stories she tells while on camera.  Also stars Mark Derwin, David Alan Grier, Marianne Muellerleile, Anthony Russell, Samantha Browne-Walters, and Charlie Stewart.

Midseason Shows:


"Dragnet" (Mondays, 8 PM after the end of the football season)-A new incarnation of the old franchise from Emmy Award-winning "Law & Order" producer Dick Wolf, set in Los Angeles and fleshed out to an hour.  Cast has yet to be determined.


"Jimmy Kimmel Project" (weeknights following "Nightline")-The co-host of Comedy Central's "The Man Show" brings his personal brand of humor to his own hour-long late night talk show.


"Miracles" (Mondays, 9 PM after the end of the football season)-A scientific debunker of so-called miracles witnesses something that he can't explain, leading him to team up with a mysterious organization that conducts investigations of its own into the paranormal.  It stars Skeet Ulrich and Angus MacFadyen.

"My Second Chance"-An advertising hotshot has let his professional success get in the way of his personal life.  After getting a wake-up call, he goes on a campaign to win back the love and affection of his wife and kids, only to find out that the tricks that make work a cakewalk are completely useless at home.  It stars Mitch Rouse, Connie Britton, Gregory Hines, Stark Sands, Leah Pipes, and Gavin Fink.

"Veritas"-After being kicked out of yet another boarding school, a 17-year-old boy is sent to live with his archaelogist father.  Bored by relics, tombs and religious icons, the boy soon learns that his father's academic front is just a cover for his real business investigating the mysteries of the ancient world.  It stars Ryan Merriman, Alex Carter, Arnold Vosloo, Cobie Smulders, Eric Balfour, and Cynthia Martells.

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