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2006 May Sweeps Guide

Edited by Shawn McKenzie

It is once again May Sweeps time.  May is one of three months of the year (the others being February and November) where the networks bring out their best stuff, including special episodes of hit shows (including "Super-Sized" episodes), huge guest stars, network specials, TV movies, expensive mini-series, and a lot of major events.  This month will include all of the big season and series finales.  Just click on the day of the calendar below to get that day's Sweeps listings and recommendations.









Apr. 27

Apr. 28

Apr. 29

Apr. 30

May 1

May 2


May 3


May 4

May 5

May 6

May 7

May 8

May 9


May 10


May 11

May 12

May 13


May 14

May 15
Updated 5/15/06

May 16


May 17


May 18

May 19

May 20

May 21

May 22

May 23


May 24



Sweeps this time runs from Thursday, April 27 to Wednesday, May 24.  The guide will include listings of what is on each night of sweeps.  I will again include all network shows or specials (for those who care about the shows that I don't), but I will make the titles of the shows I recommend a larger size (recommendations will also include the cable shows I like.)  I'll also only give plot descriptions to the recommended shows, unless there is an important note for the non-recommended show (i.e. it is the season premiere or the season/series finale.)  Cable shows are included in highlights and recommendations, but are not counted in the Ratings Game.  After each day's listings I will include watching/recording suggestions for the hardcore TV geek (keep in mind, these suggestions are based on what I am personally going to watch/record, and I am a mega-hardcore TV geek.)  Each listings' links will appear as soon as I can gather the information.  Keep checking back to the guide for any updates or changes I might make, because sometimes the networks can be flaky or slow to release information (or they change things at the last minute, in which case I will put an update date by a listing if needed.)  I will leave out any show that is playing a rerun on that night (a few of the cable networks are running reruns this sweeps month; the networks use reruns to patch up programming holes.)

All times are Mountain Time Zone (after all, I live in Colorado, so please adjust to your own times.)  I use Comcast cable, so some of the cable recommendations are in the West Coast feed only (The Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, etc.)  I still utilize networks that have two feeds, like HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc.  I have five VCRs and a TiVo, all with cable hooked up to them (I highly recommend getting a TiVo or any other personal video recorder because they make recording programs easier than VCRs, and they will follow the wacky Sweeps schedules and their constant changes.)

Here is the explanation of the 2006 May Sweeps Guide Game:  Like the past Sweeps Guides, I will declare a winner of each day of Sweeps, based on who wins each day of the Nielsen ratings.  I will do it on a point scale.  Six points for a #1 ranking, five for a #2 rating, four for a #3 rating, three for a #4 rating, two for a #5 rating, and one for a #6 rating.  I will only be including ABC (ABC), CBS (CBS), FOX (FOX), NBC (NBC), UPN (UPN), and the WB (WB) in the Sweeps Game.  UPN and the WB's numbers aren't reported everyday (probably because they don't have a seven-day schedule yet), so sometimes their rankings point numbers won't change.  Check back every day to see which network has won each day of Sweeps.  Based on the numbers at the beginning of the Game, you probably won't want to submit an entry right away.  Once the results come in each day, I will update the Network Rankings Points for each network, but I won't give you the winner of each week until the end of the game.

Network Rankings Points for the Sweeps Game:

ABC 108 Winner of week #1: CBS
CBS 149 Winner of week #2: CBS
FOX 118 Winner of week #3: CBS
NBC 128 Winner of week #4: CBS
UPN 33 Winner of week #5: FOX
WB 38 Winner of 2006 May Sweeps: CBS

Nielsen Ratings and show description information gathered from Zap2it.com and other sources.

Do you have any questions or comments about the Sweeps Guide or the Sweeps Game?  Please email me at shawn@entertainyourbrain with any questions or concerns.

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